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Help choosing bindings

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Hello all,

I have the K2 Public Enemy (2006) in a 179cm and I dont know which binding to get. I got the Public Enemy because I want to start skiing alot of Park, but the skis are versatile enough to handle groomers well too. I'd classify myself as an Intermediate skier/borderline Advanced. I'm 6'1" and weigh 210 lbs.

Please Help!!!
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Tyrolia Mojo 15, free sking version of their race bindings.
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go with the look px 12 jibb, or for some crazy color schemes go with the dynastar trouble maker binding . which is the same as the px 12 jibb but with wild colors. also if you dont mind spending the money marker jesters, or griffon's, the griffon's are 3.5 to 12 and the jesters are 6 to 16
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what about the dynastar px 12 lifter or dynastar px12 TI Jib??? is that any good?
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I would go with either a PX12 Ti Jib, PX12 racing or PX15 Jib.

The PX12 Ti is going to be the same binding as a PX12 Ti lifter just without the the lifter. Where as the PX12 Racing is the same DIN setting but has the upgraded Race heel piece and a different AFD but still mounts flat to the ski without a lifter. The PX15 Jib is going to have the same Race heel piece as the PX12 Race but the toe piece has no upward to release and will give you a bit more retention.

Dynastar PX 12 Racing Ski Bindings
Dynastar PX 15 Jib Ski Bindings
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so then THIS is a good binding for park skiing?
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Those would work fine but you are going to have some serious overhang with a 100mm brake, that's why I recommended something with a narrower brake. If you get something with a fat brake on the skis that you have your going to get hung up all over the place especially if you are going to be skiing park and switch.
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Mojo 15's

Well, i'm currently leaning towards the Mojo 15's. I've heard a lot of good things about them. Just a quick question. To anybody's knowledge, is there a difference between the 06/07 version and the 07/08 version of the Mojo 15, besides a different color scheme???

Thanks for all the help
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