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We are looking for a resort that is a great value...

A resort that is close to an airport, at least shuttle distance. We have SW points so the flight is free.

One that has relatively inexpensive accomidations, a 1 bedroom condo is great!

One that I can get discount tickets to for 5 days of skiing. Even a place that does media passes (I work for NBC)

And one that has some bad ass skiing.

Right now we are looking hard at Deer Valley, a VRBO condo is cheap there and it is close to an airport.
Bottom line is that SLC sounds like where you want to go. Easy to get to the areas from the airport, lots of choice etc.

DV got one of the Ski mags "#1's" last year because of food, service and grooming . If you want wall-to-wall cordoroy, unremarkable boring terrain, and gaperworld participants(Stratton/Okemo of the west) it's the place to go. It's expensive and caters to the "we only ski groomers" crowd, who are impressed with the food, apparently not having gone to Snowbasin. Check out DV's ads in the mags, full of cordoroy - if that's what you like, there's nothing this side of Beaver Creek that comes close.

The only up side to me is that it's border-free (but so is Alta), but really, if you want real terrain, DV is the last of the areas to consider - yes there's Empire Canyon, and yes, yes, it holds decent snow for a couple of days because the typical DV skier is allergic to non-groomers, but it's not that great in itself - really.

To me, the best of the PC bunch is the Canyons, but no, there's nothing "bad-ass" there either, although compared to DV it's Chamonix. Good tree skiing in Dreamscape, but why they put a fixed grip quad in a new area is beyond everyone I ask .

Snowbasin sounds like what you want, but there's no lodging within about 20 miles of it. Discount tickets at some gas stations. Latest lifts, great terrain, outrageous $15 lunches, no crowds - BUT, it's farther from SLC (outside of Layton), so you'll need a car, and will have to drive daily. You can also go to Powder Mtn in that area, but I wouldn't bother - slowest, oldest lifts to be found in Utah, with flat terrain. Yeah, there's Cat skiing, but it's not that great either.

BCC has Solitude and Brighton which are both nice areas, and of course LCC has Altabird, which are the closest to real skiing in the area. You can stay in Sandy and get a jump on both BCC and LCC, and the discount lift tickets are fairly reasonable.

If altabird are the closest to 'real skiing" in the area. whats real skiing?
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What is the correlation between "best value" and "least annoying" resort? Just asking.

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Best value and least annoying is definitely Crested Butte in my book. They advertise the "best corduroy in Colorado" and also have some of the best steep skiing.  A very good mountain with no crowds, and it also has some cheap deals.  You can stay slope side, in town, or 30 miles away in Gunnison.  Fly from Denver to the Gunnison Airport and get free shuttle to your motel.  If you stay in Gunnison it is very cheap, with great lift ticket deals through the motels, and free shuttle to the mountain.  Between the free Gunnison/Crested Butte/Mountain Village shuttles you don't need a car

The only drawback is that it can have cold spells unlike any place else in the state, but Gunnison is always colder than up at the Butte, so don't use that as a gage.
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 Time for realty check on what "expensive" means.  Tell me how I might ski Telluride, Big Sky, Whistler, Banff, Jackson Hole, Mammoth Mountain, Steamboat- just to name a few, for less than Deer Valley?  I'm all ears.  There's a reason I have been to most Utah resorts but none of the ones mentioned above and its simple- cost.

Its the cost of the rental car and airfare that counts.  Lift tickets are an incidental cost in comparison.  Why does this point seem to miss so many?  Is Alta in your backyard or something?

Round trip flights to SLC are some of the cheapest for midwesterners.  Denver, Reno, or SLC.  Those are the three cheapest nearly every time.  From those locations one can get a cheap rental car and travel reasonably little mileage to a reasonably priced vrbo condo and ski many different resorts.  

So back to DV.  Its a great resort, and no it is not boring unless you are very very good.  I ski Jupiter peak at Park City with ease and I find Deer Valley to have great variety.  Its huuuuge!  Year after year I can't understand the bashing.  The food at DV is excellent, the service is nice, there are almost always lifts that aren't crowded if you can use a trailmap, and its got all kinds of terrain for beginners to experts.  

I wouldn't call DV the #1 resort in North America, but its laughable to tell intermediate skiers to choose Alta or Snowbird or Brighton or Solitude over staying in a condo in Park City and having the 10,000 or whatever acres to choose from within a 6 mile drive (3 resorts- all incredible skiing).  Love Alta/Bird all you want- but they don't cater well to average skiers who get a single vacation.

Stay in Park City and ski those three resorts.  I guarantee no one short of a Utah-resident cliff hucking expert would love that for a week's ski vacation.
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Not the biggest hill, but it's nice, and you only need Canadian dollars.  Don't know if your air-points will take you there though.  I recall having to change planes in Vancouver for the flight to Comox.
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