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Canting or cuff alignment needed?

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Hi everyone,
A little background about myself: I am a 19 y/o (5'10" 160 lb) male and have raced most of my life. I'm in college now, and still race somewhat but not nearly as much as in high school. I'm starting to do a lot more non-race skiing. I have Lange 120 Comp LF boots ( I think they are the 07 model). I had a lot of boot problems in the past but when I finally got custom orthotics in my boots it helped a lot with the arch pain I used to get (I have really high arches).
A don't know if all that background info was necessary but my question is: this past season I started noticing that I ride on my inside edge on both skis quite a bit. I have to push my knees out laterally (in a somewhat uncomfortable position) to get my skis to ride completely flat. Should I consider getting the cuff aligned differently of my boots canted so I ride flat?

I was talking to my parents, who are both Orthopedic surgeons (but not skiers) and they said that my knees are pretty much perfectly aligned, not varus or valgus. So they were thinking that adjusting these angles might be dangerous for my knees.

What do you think?
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Not adjusting those angles could be dangerous for your knees!.

Pull your liners out of the shells and place your footbeds inside the shells then put the boots on and lightly buckle the top two buckles and stand in front of a mirror. Take about a hip width skiing stance and take notice how much space is on either side of your leg and shell. The space on each side should be fairly equal. Adjust your cuffs as much as possible.

Next, find a boot alignment specialist to check your canting needs because you probably still need some sole canting to get things right. There is a list here on epic or tell us where you live or school and someone here can probably make a recommendation.
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just to add to Bud's comments it, as your parents have said may not be an alignment problem with your knees as such..... more an incompatability of your BOOTS TO YOUR KNEES the key as bud has said is to get the boots to match your anatomy rather than you having to compensate for the boots position...remember skiing is one of the few sports wher you don't hold the equipment, the equipment holds you

hope that makes sense
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Thanks for the responses, I'm going to try adjusting my cuffs like you said Bud.

One thing I was wondering though: Since I've always been riding a little bit on my inside edge, is adjusting my boots to a more level stance going to make it so that I have to angulate more in my turns? Will it make it feel "harder" to initiate the turn?

I have been going to this shop thats been really great to me for a long time, but I don't think they have that much expertise in boot alignment. I live in Western MA and go to school in Poughkeepsie NY. Who do you recommend?
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There is a happy spot where everything works great!

I don't know anyone in that neck of the woods but someone else here may?
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GMOL (Green Mountain Orthotic Labs) in Stratton can probably help and I believe one of our experts is in NYC. Both can probably help.

The answer to your edge angle question is not so obvious. The intuitive answer is that you are correct and you will need more angulation. However, skiing technique does not necessarily work on the obvious and you may have made compensations over the years that we and you don't know about and better equipment alignment can help.

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