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Best place for custom made snowboards?

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I'm looking to make a custom snowboard for this season. I got about $500 to do it. Where's some places to check out and compare?
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Are you looking to make or are you looking to buy/have one made for you? What kind of board are you interested in?
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Donek will make custom snowboards. Great quality too. The thing is that $500 is probably not going to do it. For most outfits doing custom boards I think the going rate is around $600. $500 is the price of a high (of course some high end boards cost even more) end board, customized stuff tends to go up from there. Advantages with Donek is that they will build whatever type of board you want. Rocker, pintail, park, Pipe, center stance etc.

Revolution snowboards do semi custom jobs. You pick your board length and model from their stock and design the graphics.

There are a couple of others out there with similar names starting with M I believe. Can't find them at the moment. A word of warning, one of these companies is legit and delivers as promised. The other one has been nothing but a pain and hardly delivers. So make sure you research them before sending your hard earned $$$ to them. Then again that can be said about any of these guys.
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I also remember seeing a do it yourself custom board article somewhere. I'll see if I can dig this up.
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Thanks fellas. I guess I might save up a few more bills but that's fine. The season is far away and there's lots of money to be made. I'm going to check out Donek (thanks philsthrills) and go on from there.
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you can also look at coiler, if you are in to hardboots...

I ride a donek, and have toured the shop. Sean is great to work with and builds a great product...
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Another vote for Donek. Sean is great to deal with. And they build some of the best boards I've ever ridden - super durable too. If you have an idea of the specs you are looking for (width, length, sidecut, shape, flex), give him a call and talk with him. He may have a stock board that's a perfect fit and then you can just do a custom topsheet for it (this is an easy thing to do with Donek). If you order your board direct from Donek, it will even have your name printed on it, just behind the bindings. If you come up with a custom design, you even get to name it and he'll print that in the little box with your name, its specs and when it was made. If you look at the list of the custom race boards you'll see what I mean. Most are just named for the people he built them for, but you may notice one called "Das Amputator" that was built for a guy named Shred Gruumer.

Check out their Specs Page for a nearly complete list of stock boards, as well as the many custom boards he's built (most of the custom ones are race boards, but he's done some custom Inclines before).

As SirMack says, Coiler does everything custom, but he's expensive and has a really long waiting list - plus he almost exclusively does carving/alpine boards.

Neversummer may do custom stuff, but I haven't dealt with them.

Prior will do some custom work for you, but not as much as Donek.

Get your order in soon. They need to get going on it if you're going to ride it when the snow flies.
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NeverSummer. Contact Tracy out there. They build a quality product, contact them.
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