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Saved some bux!

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I just bought airline tickets on Priceline, (NO, I DON'T WORK FOR THEM!!!) and at the end of the purchase process (which takes forever!) they have a banner to click for discount lift tickets in Colorado.
I don't remember all the areas they have, but the prices are pretty good (I bought Winter Park tickets).
Anyway, I tried to get back to the site so my buddy could get some, but you can't do it unless you're buying Priceline tickets. So I looked on my confirmation, and found that it's run by something called Attractix.
So we decided to try www.attractix.com, and clicked the e-ticket button. Voila! There are all the tickets! What we like is that you can get a deal without having to buy one of those lousy hotel packages.
Just thought some of you might like to know...
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It's easier to get that site if you leave out the comma in the URL, like so:

Oh, I just realized you didn't deliberately make it a link, and it was your punctuation that got in the way. No big deal, but this link works better.
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