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Frost on the Pumpkin

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This morning, August 12, was Jackson Hole's first frost of the upcoming 2008/2009 season. There was a pretty solid frost on the windshield as I left for my morning hike.

Get those skis ordered - winter's coming.

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Skis ordered, trip to JH planned.
Keep the temps low!
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Hey could we meet up for fisticuffs? Just wondering
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Wonderful....it was chilly enough here that a long sleeve was preferred last night, so I would expect as much in the colder and higher elevation regions.
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Hi Bob,

Good to see you posting again. We have condensation (not frost) on the tomatoes (not pumpkins) here in SoFla. Hoping to do another trip to Jackson next year and to see you there. Hope you're having a great summer, with lots of good fishing.

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