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MA request (1st video)

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I hope that all the instructors on the board are bored with summer enough to take a look at my short video and tell me what I am doing wrong. This is me skiing Funnel at Squaw Valley, which is a reasonably steep run that's a lot of fun most of the days. The snow that day was cruddy, but Funnel was the softest place on the whole mountain. Still, the skis were hitting chunks of half-frozen snow all the time. This run was not my best run of the day (far from it), I remember feeling at the bottom that I should have definitely filmed the previous run. It is probably all for the better as it helps to see mistakes in a better light.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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Nice turns for the most part!! There is a current thread here on epic that is discussing "skiing into counter", this would be a great place to take a look and read what people are saying. One of the most apparent things you are doing is following your skis with your torso and allowing your hands to cross the centerline causing a rotation of your body which contributes to tail washing. Turn your feet under a less active/more stable upper body. Develop better upper and lower body separation and your skis will develop a better platform and edge grip and you will be less deflected by the chunks!
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thanks for letting us have a look. This is probably going to get a lot of different feedback. There are a number of things worth talking about. But I will focus on just the one thing that seems most critical here, in my view of the world.

I would really like to see you eliminate the up-unweight at the top of each turn. There is a lot that goes along with how to get you there because right now you're relying heavily on your up-unweight to get your skis completely weightless so that you can swing the tails around and then catch yourself on the bottom half of the turn with heavy edging. In order to ski without this pop extension you will have to do quite a transformation to your skiing that is beyond the scope of this thread, unless we manage to debate ourselves there point by point. heh.

With the pop extension you have now, you're weightless in the top half of the turn, your skis are useless when they are weightless. So all of your control is in the bottom 1/2 or 1/3 of the turn. The top half or more of the turn you have no control whatsoever because your ski edges aren't really engaged, you're just pivoting like crazy in an attempt to get the skis pointed back across the fall line in the opposite direction.

I think you need to work on your transition and for this skiing situation I would recommend an OLR type of transition. After you learn this transition (and there is a lot to learn there), then you will have a means to do these turns without a pop extension. Then you start to talk about early edge engagement in the top half of the turn, less hucking your body into space at the top of each turn, a more quiet upper body, and then we could talk about more about the finer aspects of counter, anticipation, skiing into it, where your pole plants are, etc..

But my recommendation is that you find out everything you can about an OLR transition and work on it.
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I see a slide show. Am I missing a video
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Lower left-hand corner of the set of thumbnails is one with a video arrow in the middle.
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I enjoyed your well-paced descent of what appears to be a pretty steep bit of terrain, Alex. You ask what we see as "wrong". I don't see anything "wrong". I see inefficiencies you could correct and would agree generally with BTS683's suggestion you review

As a hint, look where you are looking in the video and then envision that your torso (pelvis through shoulders) would face the same way your face is facing. As an additional practice aid, make sure you can look past both hands toward downhill.
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