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Nordica and Benetton Sports Systems

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Hey all,
I heard through the grapevine that Benetton is done with the ski business and ready to sell Nordica or something. Also that tecnica wants to buy nordica for its boot production or something? can anyone confirm? (looks like the ski industry is starting to consolidate ALOT)

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Hadn't heard that yet, keep us posted on that one. That would be a HUGE move in the industry.
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ok...i lied
i didn't hear through the grapevine. I heard directly from the volkl/tecnica rep. We had our clinic on Saturday morning. He was talking about the tecnica boots and about the bi-injection molding and stuff. He proceeded to mention Nordica's process being similar to Tecnica's. It was right after this he mentioned that Benetton Sports Systems was about through with Nordica. I guess they wanted to create Nordica boots, Nordica bindings, and Nordica skis, and they hadn't been doing too well. So, Benetton seems to be on the verge of letting Nordica go. And because Nordica's boot making process is similar to Tecnica's, Tecnica is eyeing to buy Benetton's Nordica Boot division. He didn't mention anything about buying the Nordica ski and binding division.

Also, he mentioned that IF Tecnica were to buy Nordica, Nordica wouldn't come under the umbrella of Tecnica, so the company would basically be Volkl/Tecnica/Marker/Nordica, not Volkl/Tecnica made by Nordica/Marker...So, the Nordica name would remain.

As super-mat said, this would indeed be a huge move in the industry, especially if Volkl/Tecnica/Marker were eyeing to buy out the entire Nordica line (skis, boots, bindings). How big would they become? similar in size to salomon? no?

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Benneton is trying to sell the entire sports divison.This includes Rollerblade which has been a stumbiling block. Both Vicarri/Tecnica and Amer (Atomic) had bids in. THere hasn't been any news released as far as I know at this time on who gets it. i have heard that HTM (Head) was also in the running at one time.
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Anyone know what equipment Deborah Compagnoni skis in? We met her cousin a few years ago in Bormio. Compagnoni was marrying one of Benetton's sons. Could have no significance whatsoever, though.
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She was a Dynastar/Lange athlete.
Matteo, any insite on this?
I've heard the economy is pretty bad in Italy, it wouldn't surprise me. I guess Bennetton didn't get enough from Renault for their F-1 team.
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Originally posted by MelloBoy:
Where does K2 fit into this one?
There is a strong link between K2 and Marker in Europe, and I was just wondering if they have an angle on it as well.

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Volkl and Tecnica are owned by brothers or something and both own approximately 50%/50% of the shares of marker stock. They basically outbid K2 a few years back. There is a relatively strong link in the US between K2 and Marker, but Volkl/Marker/Tecnica basically stick together since collectively Volkl and Tecnica own Marker.

Hope this helps
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Thanks, MelloBoy

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I would look at Nike getting into the mix...They have been wanting a snow sports division for a while.
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Slatz, I do not realy know.
Economy is not worse nor better than last year or two years ago...
OTOH the Benetton family is trying to differentiate their "portfolio", they helped buy Telecom Italia, and are now said to be interested into the Società Autostrade (Higway governement oerator company).
They also have interests into some resorts in the Dolomiti, specifically they sponsor the "WWI ski tour" (a tour similar to SellaRonda)
They sold Benetton F1 team, as you know, because they were "finished with it" (whatever that means) and it well may happen to Nordica too.
As far as the bindings, last year was their first year, and sincerly the bidings were not at all appealing.
I just bought this year Sciare buyers guide, and the Nordica bindings line has ben elarged and improved. I think that it will all come down to how many $$$ will be offered.
Yes, Deborah Compagnoni was a Dynastar/Look/Lange athlete, but I don't think it is of any importance here.
Oh, Phil, in the buyers guide I just bought, the Raichle boots are re-badged Kneissl, and the F-one and the Flexon are still there, even the model name has not been changed.
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