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Tips for Whiteface/Gore?

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We're heading up to Whiteface/Gore for 4 days midweek the first of March. Does anyone have any inside scoop on best runs, unmarked runs, etc.? My wife and I generally stay on groomed terrain, but venture off once in awhile. We've never been to either place so any tips would be helpful. T [img]smile.gif[/img] hanks!!
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Hey there Buckeye,

Glad you are paying us a visit in the Empire State!

One of the key benefits of Whiteface is the ambiance and flavor of an Olympic Village with all its history and charm.

I would advise having good sharp edges, a keen sense of awareness and cold weather gear (including face masks) for this Olympic Mountain. Of the two, I would classify Whiteface as a Mountain requiring concentration and effort. I has a great deal of challenge, if that is what you want.

Gore is a great Mountain to relax on and cruse. It has a nice Gondola and would be my choice for skiing after a night of partying. The area that surrounds Gore is remote.

Enjoy our State and have fun!

David Victorious

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Thanks for the tips David. We've skied the the western part of the Empire state (Holiday Valley) for years. The last 3 years we've skied Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Now we can't wait to check out New York's big mountains. We drove through the Adirondacks one year after skiing Vermont and it truly was beautiful. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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