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Binding Choice for Watea 78's

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Hello all, this is my first post on the forum. I've been relying on your helpful advice for a couple of years now, so thank you.

Just picked up a new pair of 167 cm Watea 78s . Primary use will be glades and moguls in upstate NY (Gore/Whiteface) and VT (MRG). I ski moguls and glades pretty much all day when I have the opportunity.

I'm a 155-160 lb advanced skier. I've been happy with every one of the DIN 12 and above bindings I've purchased/used (mostly Marker and Tyrolia--never used Look/Rossi, but I've always wanted to try 'em). I've never had a problem with bindings releasing when they should not have with DINs set at 7 or 8.

However, the DIN 10 Motion LTX Marker bindings that came with my '06 Volkl 4*s did not meet expectations. In a glade the toe of my binding hit a branch that was under the snow at a relatively low speed, then the toe piece of the binding burst apart into 3 pieces as I exited the glade back onto a trail. I would like to avoid a repeat of this occurrence.

I picked up a pair of new '07 Salomon z12 Ti bindings earlier this year. I thought I got a great deal and was planning on using them for the Watea's, but I've seen some bad things said about the z 12s in terms of durability, both here and on the Teton Gravity forums.

Should I mount the Solomon Z12's on the Wateas, or should I get some other binding? I'm sure I won't have any trouble getting my $ back for the Z 12s.

Also, if you think I should use different bindings, what bindings do you recommend? Please keep your suggestions under $250.

Thanks again for all of your helpful advice over the years, and I also appreciate your assistance with this dilema.

Ski the East
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Duplicate. Deleted.
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Use the Z12, it's a good binding. It might not be as bomb proof as a race binding but so what, skiing at a DIN of 8 it will be perfectly fine.
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I second that the Z12 would work just fine for you. Dont bother returning it mount it up and enjoy the new gear.
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Cirque, thanks for deleting my double-post. Sorry, newb. error.

Whiteroom and Sierra Canuck, thanks for re-confirming my binding choice. I wanted light bindings to go with the relatively light Watea skis, but I don't want to have to deal with quality issues, and I got nervous when I saw several posts dinging the z12 Ti bindings.
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