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OK, I'm slow sometimes.

The issue is a somewhat infamous pic of me amongst others at one of the ESA Stowe events. This one:

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I was wondering if you were related to Ryan (see best picture thread).

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It's because you forgot to pull the hem of your pants down over the boot, causing an asymetry of weight distribution--specifically, an unexpected lightening of the lower part of the inside leg, leading to a release of the edge of said ski, followed by a centrifugal force driven slip of the inside ski towards the outside ski, which in turn cued the body to follow suit and pull it in further--pretzel style. It's a new move in World Cup for left turns on races courses that spiral downward in counter clockwise fashion.

No doubt.

So I went skating today. In womens' rec skates (don't ask why). With too big a cone angle (boot cuffs too far out). 20 miles of it were downsun. Of course, I wound up trying to make pretty shadows and all.

^THAT^, gentlemen, is my stride 3 set down in a badly fitted high cone angle women's rec skate. Exactly. My set down differs from the one in the link because I push the inside skate outwards before I let it drift back under.

(I hear Phil laffin his adz off over how long it took me to sort this. Hey I now have a primo excuse for someone else to muck with my smelly boots midsummer)