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Salomon X-Wave 8.0

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Hey Guys, I found a cheap pair of Salomon X-Wave 8.0 Boots.
They are Size 29 (I am a size 11 Shoe)

My feet are 3.5 inches wide
I fit perfectly in a Size 11 shoe.

I have read reviews/descriptions that these boots pack out,(as would most boots do)
Is there any trend that the Salomon X-Wave has pertaining to how they fit?

Thanks for the help everyone!

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If you are wearing a size 11 shoe, you probably measure a 10 or 10.5. Perfectly sized in an 11 shoe should have you skiing in a 27 mondopoint boot from most suppliers. (approx 315mm boot sole length). Approximately 15mm between your heel and the boot shell, with the toes lightly touching the front of the shell.

Refer to basic boot sizing guidlines posted in this forum. 29 shell is not your correct shell size. You will fit best in a 27 or possibly 28 shell.
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