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Dalbello Kryzma/Krypton -- problems with cable breaking?

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I am looking at moving out of my much-loved (but packed-out ) Lange CRL90s and into a pair of Dalbello Kryzmas. For $1,000 I have to be pretty sure that they'll do me at least a hundred days. I have near-average forefoot width but very narrow heels, bony feet and sensitive skin which blisters if you look at it hard.

I would go to a Lange junior race boot but apparently the New Zealand Lange importer won't send a pair to my local ski shop unless the shop prepays them -- and I'm not prepared to buy a pair of boots without even looking at them, let alone getting into them! I've been told that the Dalbello "resurrected Raichle Flexons" are the next best thing for my feet. I've tried on the Kryzma and, well, I guess it would be good once the heat-fitting has been done.

My question here is: has anyone had issues with the cable for the middle buckle in either the Krypton or the Kryzma, breaking? I've never had a cable closure system for my ski boots and I'm a bit nervous about committing to these boots for this reason.

Also, while I'm here: what do you folks think of the heat-fitting system these boots use? Is it truly good, or is it just a gimmick? I always have tremendous problems with heel hold-down.

Many thanks guys
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1) the dalbello and the raichle (now called fulltilt) do not fit the same. the look similar, flex similar, but fit different.
2) no issue with either buckles, both will break if you hit them, but both are fine for "normal" wear and tear
3) heating with the FT/raichle will help to speed up the fit of the boot more then most other boots. It is a good idea, but will not make a bad boot fit good or a good boot fit bad.
4) full tilt is narrower then the kyrpton
5) get a tight shell fit, 5-15mm. NOT ANY MORE. Yes the boot will feel tight, maybe too tight to start with, but it will pack out, and you can always make a small boot bigger, but not a big boot smaller.
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Thanks for the advice mntlion. Yes I have shell sized -- even though the guy told me he doesn't believe in it any more -- and I'm pretty happy with it all except the length which is about 15mm -- I'm wondering whether this will mean I have toe bang problems down the track.

My Langes were so tight at first that I had to wear stockings (pantyhose? don't know what you call them over there) and special thin footbeds just for arch support -- there was no room for normal ski socks or my usual footbed! I'm pretty surprised they packed out to the extent they did.

Re heat fitting, I'm hoping it will make the heel hold down work a bit better. Currently I can easily lift my heel in the boot when I wear it in the shop. This worries me!

Re breaking the buckles, I was meaning the cable across the boot to the middle buckle, more than the buckles themselves. They look fairly sturdy and metal, so I'm not worried about them. But I wondered if anyone has found that the cable breaks in time?

Thanks again
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I have been in Kryptons since day one when they were introduced, before that I was in Flexons for 20+ years. I will say the fit of the Krypton is very similar to the Flexon, it was the first boot I got into, coming from a Flexon, that I felt completely at home in. If you do a search here on Flexon or Krypton you will find much information comparing the two.

The Krypton was designed to have a few more mm inside that the same sized Flexon. Glen was tired of banging his toes against the front, so he gave the shell a bit more length. This is why a 8 (26) shell is 305mm for the Krypton vs. 301mm for the Flexon.

Buckle (and bails) on the Flexon was one of it's week points, that is an area where Dalbello addressed in design of the Krypton. In 5 years I have seen only one buckle broken on the Krypton, where Flexons have broken tremendously more. It was a bit of a badge of honor having Flexons with different color buckles on them, more common with real Flexon skiers than not.
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My foot has some simularities to yours regarding width and narrow heel. I used to ski in Langes, but had some pain in the widest part of my foot. I just bought the krypton pro with the thermo id liner. I also tried on the Krypton Rampage that did not have the moldable liner. My heal would move some with the Rampage, but the fit with the pro ID liner is unbelievable. However, do NOT judge the fit of the boot/liner before the molding process! It is very stiff and will not fit your foot very well. For me, no movement in the heel, and what seems to be a perfect fit. I haven't skied with it yet, but I have never had a boot that seems to fit so well. Additionally, I was told that the boot will break in a bit, but the liner will not pack out. Others with experience may want to comment on this. I have never looked forward so much to skiing in new boots!
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heel lift: can you lift your heel when you point your toe and lift your heel? (if so don't worry, you don't/shouldn't do that when you are skiing)

or can you lift your heel when you flex your ankle forward? (OK that is an issue)

try one size down and see. 15mm shell fit is average for a good fit. 5mm (next size down might work/help)
also look at some other narrow boots.
again the FT is a bit narrower then the kryton
Also try the salomon Falcon
nordica aggressor
lange WC fit.

the lange CRL is a mid volume so most of what is listed is narrower then that.
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Many thanks for all the info and advice, people. The info about the buckles and cable (bail?) is enormously reassuring.

mntlion: in answer to your questions about heel lift, I can lift my heels by standing on the balls of my feet -- and I do do this when I'm sking. Perhaps my technique isn't good but especially when I'm initiating on steeper slopes, I get heel lift and it feels like I'm launching out of my boots and headfirst downhill! Not a nice feeling.

Thanks for the other boot models to look at. They may not be available here in New Zealand but I will try to find them. The market here is so small that we only get a small sample of what's available on the world market. ZipFits were available for a couple of years but then poof, off the market -- not enough demand. sigh...

Which reminds me, one other thing I'm considering is importing Intuition liners and putting them into my Langes. Any opinions on this path?
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I have the Krypton Storm ID.
With a fairly narrow foot, and a very narrow heel, I found the intuition liners to be just the ticket. I have skied mine for 2 seasons with no problems and little change in "slop"
I may have the liners reheated this winter, and some heel packing put in to see if it makes a titch of difference but I'm probably just buying more time for a boot that is about to be retired, since I've got 100 ish days in them.

Love my Kryptons!
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I'm going to ask my local shop today if he will put Intuitions in, if I buy them. I seriously doubt they're available in this country but the Canucks who sell them are happy to send them to me.
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I don't think you will be disappointed. My wife skis the Dalbello Storm with the ID liner and it is the first boot that she has been able to ski without pain or discomfort. At first I thought her lack of discomfort was indicative of too large of a boot, but she has a full season under her belt (35 days to be exact) and she still has great fit and no discomfort. She loves her Kryptons, too!
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Oh cool, I feel a lot better about the Dalbellos now. Many thanks all
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What size shell are you in?
I may have a pair of used intuitions that have tons of life left in them.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
What size shell are you in?
I may have a pair of used intuitions that have tons of life left in them.
If skiaddict dosen't want them I maybe interested. Size 25.5 (295 bsl)
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Originally Posted by UTpowder View Post
If skiaddict dosen't want them I maybe interested. Size 25.5 (295 bsl)
Sorry, 24.5, 286 bsl.
I got them from a friend who didn't like intuitions and wanted to go back to stock. All I could think is, "Are you nuts? I'll take them! " Same BSL, had them heated twice, and a slit in the heel for boot heaters. But she never really skied in them much.
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Thanks for the offer Trekchick, but I'm also 25.5! (sorry for the delay, I've been staying with my Dad this week...who doesn't even have dialup -- aarrgghh! )
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