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Like I said I'll be at Sunapee every Friday and Saturday this season. College pass is only like 220, gets you gunstock, cannon, and sunapee. If anyone wants to carpool or meet up I'll be there.

Let me know!
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Gunstock is a small mountain but it skis much bigger. A fun mountain for a day.
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Vt seems to get good snow and have more mountains to ski.

But it's one of those weird deals where if I ski NH I have to go east to go west (I'm west of Boston itself 50 miles or so). NH is a bit closer from the city. But to me, you don't have the feeling of being in the mountains at some of the places. Not way up ... I mean Waterville or Sunapee etc. the closer places.

There's always Killington, Okemo and Stratton in S/Central. Then Stowe, Sbush, MRG up north further then Jay, Smuggs etc further up.
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1st choice= Loon is the best for a day trip and they just opened South Peak.

2nd choice = Sunapee it's OK but theres nothing there. The owners of Okemo run it now. Thats why they have such great conditions.

Add a hour and go to North Conway,
Heres a map I found of ski areas in New England. Theres even one in RI
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Originally Posted by medmarkco View Post
I agree with you on 2 hours being aggressive from Cambridge to Portland.
I can make the ME border in 1:05 from Newton. Portland is at what--mile 45? 2 hours is easily doable... You should be getting to Gray in about 2-2:15 and pulling into Whitecap in 3-3:15.

Originally Posted by hitherandthither View Post
So far, the only skiing I've done on the East Coast was a weekend trip to Sugarloaf with the bus (Boston Ski and Sports Club -- they do a lot of day trips as well).
BSSC does a ton of trips every season. Never done it myself, but seems like a great deal. Their prices for the entire trip are usually less than a full-day ticket price at the mountain. I play hoops, soccer, softball, etc through them--great organization.

Originally Posted by RISkier View Post
Yep, I'm not going back. At least not till it snows.
I forget what day it was, but last December I had a GREAT powder day at the Beast.
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Originally Posted by Matthias99 View Post
Closest->Furthest of the major resorts in NH (which are the closest to Boston):
Wachusett (MA)
Waterville Valley
Bretton Woods / Attitash
Those are the easiest day trips from the Boston area.

And they're all nice areas to ski...on a non-holiday weekday. Those that have only experienced Wachusett on a crowded Saturday won't have a positive impression of the place. But it is a great place to hit on a weekday when there's some fresh snow on the trails. And they do seem to be located in a nice little snow belt. If you're seeing a mixture of rain and snow in Cambridge, chances are they're getting all snow at Wachusett. There's just an entirely different vibe to the place on those days. No lift lines, a real laid-back atmosphere, and the easy drive make for a stress free day on the slopes. On those days you'll find that it's really a beautiful little spot...something you wouldn't notice when you're fighting crowds on a Staurday.

On weekend days, I tend to avoid all of those areas, as their proximity to Boston makes them very crowded.

Sunapee can be manageable on a weekend day if you get there very early. Get a close parking spot, and be ready to board the HSQ by 8:30. You can then get a bunch of runs off the HSQ till around 10:00, when the crowds build up. I'll head over to the Sunbowl area around 9:45, and it generally stays relatively uncrowded for another hour or so. Take an early lunch, and be heading back to the slopes at 12:00. Staying one step ahead of the crowds, that's usually a good time to get some runs in the North Peak area (Goosebumps, Flying Goose, Lynx).

Boston isn't SLC by any means. But, it's easy enough to call in sick, get in a really nice day of skiing, and be home for dinner. There aren't too many major US cities where that's possible.
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yep - we'll be getting Wawa GPS passes again this year - great after work thing or snow day . We do get a LOT more snow in Central Ma than nearer the coast. Sucks for snow removal at my house (and snow tires are a must) but good for Wachusett .

Anyone interested PM me or quickk9 and we'll get you in on our group rate. It's like $199, all nights, every day and with lots of discounts elsewhere around NE, even Alta.

It's about 25 mins from my house. I don't do it on weekends though.
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