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Mid fats?

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I picked up my new skis a few days ago, here are the dimensions (tip-waist-tail).

100mm-67mm-89mm. 193cm.

Care to guess which category?
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Winner already. Team GS. Regular has a 99mm-62mm-90mm shape. Its all about lean angles and leverage.
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The team version is wider to allow for greater angles without bootout right?

Do you guys also get special team version freeride skis??
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Low-riding, ultrahero megacarver?

(In case you couldn't tell, I hate the terminology the ski mags are now using.)

Seriously, tho, you stumped me. I looked through all the new models on Peter Keelty's web site, and the closest I could find were:

Fischer Cruser 65 (100/65/87)
Rosi Rebel X (100/67/88)
Rosi Powair Mogul (99/66/87)

I give up.

Tom / PM
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I "cheated" also. Question, is that a WC sidecut with a wider waist to keep a stiffer ski in contact at waist? Physics, I knew BR was Atomic man, so that made the comparison narrower.
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The wider waist is to allow the ski to be tipped over more before there is contact with the boot to the snow. The wider waist also increases the turn radius so the ski is more stable at the higher speeds attained at the upper racing levels. Since tip and tail widths are the same as store models, the is no torsional advantage in the team model.
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if you've got the inside w/ atomic, what's up with the crazy new SUGARDADDY, BIGDADDY, and STOMP!
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Beta, how you feeling? Last I knew you were injured from a wreckless straightliner? Obviously it';s a year after, but how'd it go. Sounds like youre BACK!!!
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Turning radius works out to about 27m. Imagine it is a great GS ski for the big boys.
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