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I appreciate the choice of which side to have the ads on. Personally, I find the ads being on the left side to actually be less obtrusive. Then again, I'm from a culture where we write from right to left, and I have a tendency to go through magazines and catalog's from back cover to front cover. At any rate, thanks for the option.
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Hey, somebody moved my adds to the wrong side
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
Hey, somebody moved my adds to the wrong side
Hey, are you a lefty too ?
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I too appreciate the possibility to choose where the ads are placed.
I'm left handed and am comfortable with the ads on the left...
Coming from a culture where right handed it's predominant I always felt at odds with "things" (you know, silly daily things like knives, scissors, how to fasten a belt, how to tie a knot and the likes, which if you learn "wrong" make your daily chores horrible)
Then as a kid was writing reversed (right to left) and had to be "forced" to write left to right (teacher tried to force me, unsuccessfully, to write right handed as well)...but still read newspapers starting from the back cover to the front one (books of course no)
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