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Brett Favre...

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Your thoughts on what is going on in Green Bay?
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I'd like to know what exactly is so special about a QB who has won exactly one Super Bowl in 17 years and is prone to throwing season-ending interceptions.

Favre has a Super Bowl ring for one reason and one reason only: Reggie White. Trade him, release him, bench him -- I honestly can't see why anybody would want him.
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can you believe he turned down $25 million to stay away!! he could have gone a couple of seasons with no interceptions!!
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Goin' ta New Jersey
Packers agree to send Favre to Jets

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Brett thought there was pressure in Green Bay? hahahahahahaha.
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He's like any one of us - hates to see the season close on something he's good at and loves doing.
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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post
He's like any one of us - hates to see the season close on something he's good at and loves doing.
Not a problem there, don't retire, leave a team hanging then to decide to come back...over and over.

Keep telling your boss that you aren't coming back tomorrow then show up..over and over. LEts see how long you have your job.
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With salary cap things are different for teams that have a great player but need to rebuild. We have a lot of recent examples of players encouraged to retire from a rebuilding team, who just had to have another season. Jerry Rice comes to mind leaving the 49ers for Oakland. Not a great finish for a brilliant career, but the days of a player spending his whole career in one place have become truly rare.

Brett has had to live up to the Bart Starr legend / comparison in Green Bay. For whatever reason, he had to come back. Brett shares a legacy of one-team quarterbacks with the likes of Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Dan Marino and John Elway. By going past his prime he risks being in the ranks of Jim Plunkett, Jeff Hostetler, Kurt Warner and others who were great, but finished on the decline on different teams.
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1.) Joe Montana played his last two seasons with the Chiefs. Plunkett was drafted number one by NE in 1971. He had five unremarkable seasons in NE, followed by two in SF. He then went to the Oakland/LA Raiders where he won two Super Bowls in five seasons.

2.) Green Bay has a good young team, Favre is 38; they need to move on and see if Aaron Rogers can play.

3.) I also agree that Favre gets way too much credit for a QB who won only one Super Bowl. His durability was impressive. However, he certainly wasn't one of the three greatest QBs off all time, as many of the so-called experts were saying when he retired. He might not even be in the top ten.
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Favre could never have played as long as he did in any other place than Greenbay. After all those real bad years, in a place like New York, he would have been traded years ago.
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