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you guys are killin me - rajin sent me a bunch of these about 6 months ago - great ones!

Here's to laughing this day when YET ANOTHER hurricane bears down in the gulf - God blessm!!
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Since the Butt Paste was such a success, the Boys decided to produce yet another invention for the betterment of mankind:

The Cajun Smoke Alarm.

Says Thibodeaux: "When the corn starts apoppin' ya grab it and run outside...at least ya got somethin' ta eat while the fire department put out yer fire. We got one in every room, casin' we're really hungry or want ta share."
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roflmao!!!! Thank You!!!
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Where do you get this stuff?
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Honorary Cajun!

I now pronounce Bonni an Honorary Cajun!

The one attribute all cajuns share is the ability to laugh at one's self.

So, what will be Bonni's cajun name???
Bonni Boudreaux ...aka.. B.B. (cajuns love initials)
how about Cha Boo (chutey Boudreaux)
Taunte B. (aunt B., matriarch of the family)
Bonneaux (pronounced bon-O, since she loves music this might be fitting!)
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