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One more day and its Colorado

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One more day. My ski season has not ended yet yippe.
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Have fun Pierre eh, There should be some good spring skiing in Co.
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Are you taking the motorhome or the trailer? If the motorhome, how are you getting around to the areas from Tiger Run?

The Summit Stage stops at the entrance to Tiger Run RV Resort, so maybe that is your best bet.

Have a nice trip. ...Ott
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lucky B@st@rd, I was gonna go but two days before I was gonna buy tickets, the price jumped double, so I am planning to go to oregon in June instead... Make a few turns for me...
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Better hurry Pierre--it's starting to get mighty warm out here. Where you gonna ski?
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Ott, I just changed the injector pump on my van and wow, the power jump it took. You don't realize the power drop as it happens gradually as the pump wears. As a result, I am taking the trailer. I can get there a full 8 to 10 hours faster with the trailer and better mileage. Probably around 14mpg @ 70.
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FYI, the weather for Thursday thru Sunday here in Summit County is calling for low to mid 40's and mostly sunny.

Shoot me a PM and maybe we can hook up at Copper if we're in your plans. We might even be able to catch up with Bob B.

I'll be in and out over the next week trying to run to Denver when I can to prepare for a golf event. It was 68 and wiiiiiindy down there today.
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Drop in to Vail Eagles Nest SS (top of the gondola) area between 9:00am and midday and say hello.

The snow quality is holding up BUT the depth is shrinking fast.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the sunshine.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yeah, I skied a lot of slush yesterday at the Beav.

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Snow was still light and good at Loveland yesterday, moguls were not a rock avoidance exercise. Due to winds, however, chairs 8 and 9 were closed. Chair 4 got me above tree line with areas of wind swept hard pack and accumulation. Good day at Loveland.

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Don't let 'em scare you, Pierre eh!--the conditions are holding up pretty well out here. I skied all day today at Beaver Creek--much lower and warmer than Summit County--and the snow was EXCELLENT. Yes, it was slushy at the base toward the end of the day (I like slush, personally, but I know that not everyone shares my taste), but up on Grouse Mountain the snow was dry and the moguls were very, very good. It was windy, and the smooth runs got pretty scoured off down to a firm base, but overall, the skiing was just fine!

Meanwhile, Copper Mountain is still has great conditions too. It depends on the weather, the time of day, and the exposure of the run, as it always does in spring. But north- and west-facing areas still have cold, dry, soft conditions.

I look forward to seeing you and skiing with you, Pierre eh! Drive safe!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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