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Smaller areas that don't get the big press...

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What are some of your favorite smaller resorts/mountains to go ski and ride. I'm talking about the places that don't get all the press and accolades from the magazines.
Here's my top chioces:

1. Snowbasin (Utah)**Maybe not small but still off the beaten path and not highly visited
2. Sugar Bowl (Tahoe area)
3. Bridger (Montana)
4. Snow King (Jackson, Wyoming)

I still need to get to Loveland and I really want to try that CAT skiing/riding at Berthoud...

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Hands down: Burke Mountain, VT. 2000 vert (although, bottom 450 or so is beginner terrain), 30ish trails, awesome tree skiing, no glitz, no glamour, just plain good skiing and best of all, it's not crowded.
Others I like are Bolton VT, Ragged NH, Shawnee Peak ME, and Berkshire East MA.
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You have made my friend very happy. A native from the Kingdom, he loves Burke. He will flip over seeing it posted on such an impressive site!!

Plan on skiing there and Jay on President's weekend.
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Snowbasin????? are you serious???? They are HUGE, owned by the Sun Valley Ski Co and about to hold the olympic speed events. Small??????
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Forgot to mention....just was in Utah. Skied at Powder Mountain. Add that one to the list! Pretty cool place. Nordic Valley looked neat too...didnt have enought time to ski it though.

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My home....Eldora

Ski Cooper is wonderful as well
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Eldora is a cool mtn. Last time I was out there (5y ago) had a great time. Lots of Mtn for the dollar. Hope it hasn't changed much.
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Magic Mountain, VT
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
Ski Cooper is wonderful as well<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Right on! The Skicrazies introduced us to Cooper on sunday; great place to play around.
Thanks for the tour!
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Sutton, Quebec
Mont Orford, Quebec
Burke Mountain, VT
Magic Mountain, VT
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Yes! Burke, VT!
Butternut, MA is tiny, but always has nice happy snow.
I also love to go to Whiteface, I know it's not small, but on weekdays, it's real quiet. And those state owned mountains are so much cheaper...
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June Mountain, CA is quite a gem. On a busy weekend Mammoth will have 18-20,000 people, and nobody will be at June. It is a great hill, with some sweet steeps, and great BC access (legal!). On a storm day, you can ski untracked pow all day long. There are two problems with June though. First, the lift from the parking lot to mid mountain (where the lodge is) is an old slow double. They had a fast gondola, but Yan built it, and it had to be torn down, due to design failure. Second, there is a wierd hill in the middle of the mountain, that you have to take lift over, after skiing from the top, to get back to the lodge. Aside from that, June rocks.
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1. Powder Mountain (UT)
2. Red Mountain (B.C.)
3. Whitewater (B.C.)
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1. Red Mountain, BC
2. Wolf Creek, CO
3. Pajarito, NM
4. Haystack, VT
5. La Grave, FRA

Not in any particular order. And part of the reason these areas are great is *because* they don't get the big press!

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Mt. Baker WA - for snowfall, it doubles any other ski area in the PNW. +1000" in 98/99.

Powder King BC - best snow in the world... period. One chairlift. Closest major centre is Vancouver or Edmonton, both an 11hr drive in summer conditions. Closest regional airport is a 2hr drive.

Apex BC - smallest of the destination resorts in BC, a delightful place to spend a couple days.

Grouse Mountain - from your office in downtown Vancouver to carving turns in less than 1hr. Accessible via city transit, open till 10pm. Wanna go skiing after work?
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Hey Vtgal! thanx for the Burke callout! Fortunately, it has gone through many incarnations and still it survives. If you're ever driving up to Jay and think it might be getting crowded, go a bit further to Owl's Head in Mansonville,PQ...it also gets that lake effect snow and is possibly the most laid back places in the northeast, big enough to be worth it and always alot of fun.
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Hey. Wait a minute. I think we have a winner...
You want small, I'll give you small.
You want short, I'll give you short.
You want where I first wore skis, and I give you...

Mount Ober Dry Ski Slope.

It must be about 80 metres long.
But it does have a good bar & restaurant, driving range, and 18 hole golf course, complete with squirrels (and rabbits!). Ideal for people who Ski & Golf!!!!

Go on, beat that.

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I'll throw a ditto in for Powder Mountain. There is no place that I would rather ski.
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How you define "small" is tricky actually. Wolf Creek has no hotels or lodging closer than 25 miles. Only four real lifts, and two small places to eat. But it has 1600 acres of skiing. This is about 1/3 more than Killington has, yet Wolf Creek is considered a "small" mountain!
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Mission Ridge, WA

Small area with a big heart and a long slow dbl to the top. East of the Cascades so the snow quality is better than of other WA ski areas.
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When I lived in Colorado Springs, I loved skiing Monarch on the big weekends. It's a nice little area right on the continental divide that doesn't get the Summit County crowds or traffic. Not a lot of high-mountain driving either.
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Lake Chelan, WA actually has a small ski hill with some not so bad terrain. It's hidden in the hills almost to Manson. One two seater chair (maybe two now).
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I second Monarch. A few years ago I spent a sunday there after cat skiing out of the area on saturday.

Also Lost Trail on the MT and ID border.
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Mission Ridge! Right on! The best kept secret in WA state. Best GS-ing in the country. Maybe second only to Blackcomb.
Worth the extra drive from Seattle.
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crystal mt nm one
mission ridge
sun peaks
red mt
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rock'n Doc:

Mission Ridge! Right on! The best kept secret in WA state. Best GS-ing in the country. Maybe second only to Blackcomb.

You mean we've annexed British Columbia? It's about time.
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Ahhh, Pajarito Mountain. The scene of my wasted youth. Man, I've been dying to get back there. Does the local explorer post still run the cafe? They had some pretty decent posole for cheap. I heard they actually got running water a while back.

Riz use to post here last year. He's another bombtown homey. Riz, you out there?
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I wish that were true. We could use a closer supply of AC&C's.
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Was thinking about what "size" means - look at this:

Wolf Creek, CO
6 Lifts
1,600 Acres skiing

Killington, VT
32 Lifts
1,100 Acres skiing

Vail, CO
33 Lifts
5,200 Acres skiing
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