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Last night a had a dream that I was at a ski area that I have seen in dreams before but have never been there in reality. I was watching people rip a fairly steep hill in knee deep powder and began to realize that I had forgotten most of my gear. The rest of the dream centered around trying to buy and rent the needed items and not being able to do so. Skius interuptis?
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The classic scenario goes in these type
dreams that one ends up naked in public.
Three tracks in the snow?
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you know, I have those dreams too...those, at the ski area and cant wait to ski and then you realize you've forgotten your equipment, so you think you'll rent but somehow, you cant...Ive had that dream several times....what do you think it means? Its a terrible dream.

wasn't I hugged enough as a child?
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maybe it is a warning or a "omen" that there is something that we want to accomplish, but our own forgetfullness,or other fault or whatever is keeping us from accomplishing it.we see ourselves as what we want to be but there is something within that is preventing the realization of that self....

ok, ill stop with the Shirley MacLaine stuff...
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That's odd. I had a dream last night I was on a fairly steep hill somewhere in the PNW, ripping big turns in knee-deep powder with a few others, when we all stopped to watch a guy down at the base who'd arrived without most of the gear he'd need to ski.
We then watched him scramble toward the rentals area, presumably to gather up the necessary equipment, but he seemed to be having a hard time. Weird, huh?
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had the dream saturday night. I happened to be driving past a small hill that had somehow recieved a suprise dump, and i went up, but had no equipment. A few of my friends were there, so i borrowed bits and pieces from everyone else, and ended up being able to ski.
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I normally have dreams where i am skiing, but i normally have my hockey skates on, or am barefoot. Fortunatly, you can't get frostbite from a dream.
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Are we going to have a special forum for dreams?

Morbid dream alert:

The US had been blown to bits, and those of us who survived were taken to Canada. The Canadian Army sponsored this big Welcome To Canada event, where they had different activities, including skiing.

The soldiers were walking around being very congenial, serving ice tea. (In SKI SEASON????} Some people were completely disabled, so they just were watching the activities. They had been given these therapy dogs, that were pulling them around in their wheelchairs. Someone had a monkey in a baby carriage that was being trained to be a therapy pet.

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Hey ryan, deja vu all over again.
See if I ever share my dreams with you jamokes again.

If it takes a chicken and 1/2, a day and 1/2, to lay an egg and 1/2, how long does it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?
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Darnit Lucky! You have me dreaming now!
Last night I dreamed that I was was talking to Jonathan Lawson, who I have never met, on the telephone. His website, skipros.com had turned into a site for both ski and fitness pros.

He was talking about skiing and fitness all being based on patterns and when something goes wrong it is actually a form of a message about something you need to know. Then he compared it to what has been happening in the world.
The darn alarm rang.
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