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World Cup DH Action

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Yesterday I took a little trip North of the border for my annual dose of World Cup mountain biking action. The race was at Bromont as seen in previous TR here - http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=70776

I left bright an early so I could watch qualifying and the race. It had been raining all week, so the woods were very slippery but had dried a little since Thursday when it was at it's wettest. The course starts with a short high-speed fireroad blast and then into a quick section of woods. Then into the first big jump (newly constructed since my TR).

From there it was a quick spring uphill into the woods and down to the first set of slabs. Here's Rennie during quali.

Then it was down a super-slippery rock infested mud shoot under the chairlift. Here Tracy Mosley emerges from the woods.

Rachel Atherton down the slip 'n slide.

A jump onto the flats.

Then it was Hi Speed on the flats.

Over some small (small to them, not to me!) jumps.

A final jump over a thirtyish foot gap brought them to the finishline. Josh Bryceland lost his seat, but not his style.

I think everyone was pulling for Steve Peat to win, but he didn't have it. In the end, the day belonged to Sam Hill. The crowd got so big towards the end that I couldn't get pictures of Hill or Peaty, but you can see their runs on Freecaster.
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nice pictures!!!

that shots so sick
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Epic, that looks Sick!!!!
You said mud, when is it going to stop raining there?
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
nice pictures!!!

that shots so sick
X2. Great shot.
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