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Cayuse Pass is OPEN today!

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Cayuse Pass opened today at NOON and Chinook Pass is close behind, depending on how much it keeps snowing up there.
Pretty cool, only 40 min drive from my house to fresh powder. Anyone else going to be hiking Chinook/Cayuse are this spring/summer?

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Holy crap, it's winter up there!

I wouldn't mind hittin that, where's it at???
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Chinook Pass runs east/west between Yakima and Enumclaw Wa. At the 4,600' level on the west side Chinook Y's off south onto Cayuse Pass which runs on the eastern side of Rainier and meets up with White Pass. Chinook continues up to about 5,500'. I've been boarding up there many years in July.

There used to be skiing in the area through the 40's and 50's but was shut down after Crystal Mtn started and they no longer kept Cayuse open year round. They usually have snow well into late July and I've had fresh snow up there as late as June.

On good weekends you will see lots of tele' skiers and boarders running around the pass, its very popular.
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Chinook Pass opens tomorrow!!!! Should be great for getting some turns.... Here is my favorite peak with the blue being the hike up route and the red lines are various runs coming back down...

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Skied Chinook this past week. East and south east side of Naches Peak.. very nice, good turns even below the Crest Trail. Will try to head up again this weekend. Sounds like NOAA is predicting snow down to 5000'. Skiing fresh Pow Memorial Weekend??
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I can't take this! I just put my AC up in the window today and sadly made plans to hit the beach this weekend. I, however, had a dream last night where I was going up to … Colorado skiing but everyone at the airport was wondering if I hadn’t lost my mind in the interim. Also, in my pathetic dream, I had forgotten to take the skis along with me and so I was trying to figure out a way to sprint back home and still make my flight . I guess even my subconscious was trying to tell me otherwise… Nonetheless, I woke up happy and with a smirk on my face .
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I drove over Chinook Saturday and there was about 4" new snow and I guess it was snowing throughout the day. On the way back home Monday it was partly cloudy and I saw (besides all the RV's, trailers and such) some boarders and skiers on the hills...wish I was one of them. Conditions still look good on Chinook all the way down to Cayuse. Looks to be about 8' at the road level still.
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