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New Ski Maps Website

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A few guys, including myself, have been working on a new website, skimap.org, that is somewhat similar to the defunct skimaps.com site. It works kind of like wikipedia because anyone can upload a map. Unlike the defunct skimaps.com, there are no ads or for profit store so it is solely for the purpose of documenting trail maps through the years. Over the past few months we have been scanning thousands of maps for the site and gathering them from ski areas. The site went live this morning and has 1800+ maps, many of which are older. Please feel free to visit the site and post any comments. Also, if you have any old trail maps that you would like to add to the site, you can add them via file upload.
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Thank you! I missed the old skimaps.com.
I hope people keep sending you historic maps -- its fun to see the changes over the years.
(Also, did you notice the older maps seem to actually be more useful for finding your way around?)
If I find any in the bottom of my obsolete equipment bin I'll scan them for you.
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Nice work...it is nice to have the old maps as some of them show more trail detail than the new ones.
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Congratulations on setting up your website! have just bookmarked it and first impressions are that it is simple and effective. Having somewhere where all Piste Maps are is a great idea...perhaps you might be interested in doing a link exchange with Plooka?

All the best
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We have placed a link to your site on skimap.org. We would appreciate it if you could do the same within 2 weeks. Thanks!
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You know - the best thing about your website is proof that the pre-peak chair trail map: http://www.skimap.org/data/28/7/1210564410.jpg (from 1985) showed a Whistler Mountain summit elevation of 7118 ft. and the trail map from 1987: http://www.skimap.org/data/28/7/1213246985.jpg (which has the peak chair installed) shows a new/magical elevation of 7160 ft. Why the discrepancy you ask? Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb were in competition with each other back then, with one trying to outdo the other. Blackcomb was the first to exceed 5000 vertical feet. Not to be outdone, Whistler Mtn.'s marketing team - with its base elevation of 2140 - couldn't live with having a vertical drop measuring 4978 ft. So the easy fix that NO ONE would ever notice (except hawkeyes/geeks like me) would be to nudge it up a little. Kinda like what some accountants are advised to do on occasion.
Again - thanks for putting these up - proves that I haven't been a liar or conspiracy head all these years!
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Excellent - will be done asap!
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