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gotama vs. katana

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im a telemark skier and i currently ski in new england, but in two years im going to be moving to colorado for college. right now im on an old pair of volkl AX4's and i want to upgrade.
i was thinking either the gotama's or the katana's. i was wondering if anyone had any advice
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Are you looking to replace the AX4's or are you looking to add a 'deep day' ski?

First, in two years you'll want newer skis, you will. Don't plan on this purchase being with you two years from now, buy what makes sense now.

Second, the Katana is a really good ski but it's not an all mountain ski. I sold two pair of Katanas to two different tele skiers. Both of them are regularly featured in Backcountry magazine, one LOVES them, one brought them back after two days and switched to a more conventional ski.

If you have a very progressive/ aggressive tele style and get the ski on edge very early you might like them, if you have a more laid back style you probably won't like them at all.

Gotama is a universally well liked ski, it's extremely versatile, the 'safe choice'.

Why are you only considering Volkl?
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im thinking to replace the AX4's. they actually aren't mine. im borrowing them from a friend until i can afford new ones.
and, volkl is the only type of ski that i have ever skied on and i think that they have very good equipment. thanks for the reply
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If you want to replace the AX4, which aren't your's then I'd say look at the Gotama instead of the Katana, it will be a better ski 90% of the time.

Also consider the M-Rock, it's the telemark equivalent of the Volkl Mantra. It is the most similar to the AX4, IMO. You might find an excellent deal on them also.
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