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Bad Karmera

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IIf you recall I posted this from Whister.. Bouncy... Bouncy... Lost

Here is a few pieces of the puzzle filled in.

First I was getting lousy pics from the camera, then Bob Barnes helped me out with my ISO settings, much better.

When We left Mt. Hood to go up to Whistler, I left the charger there. I wasn't overly concerned (more pissed at myself), but the SD750 had amazing battery life, enough that I knew I could get through the rest of my trip.

While at Whistler, I decide to go for a bike ride and snap some shots. I get to a nice Kodak Moment location only to find that I forgot to put the SD card back in the slot after downloading pics.

The Next Day, Bob and I bike up to the water ramps and to meet the Canadian Ski Teamers. Bob and I take pics up there then head back to the condo after a fun single track ride back. When I get back to the condo, I see the saddle bag was left open and no camera. I assumed it bounced out on the way back.

The Following day from that, I retrace my ride down with a walk back up to the jumps. No camera along the way, but when I get up there, the Canadian Coach had my camera. I left it up there, not lost it out of my bag. On my trip back down is when I had my bear encounter.

We were leaving the next day and I left my camera at the condo. I didn't realize until I got home.

I e-mailed the place where I left the charger and he was (and did) send it back to me.

I also contacted the condo where I left the camera, that would to be sent to me on 7/28, two day Priority, but have still yet to see it. Considering the history of the camera, I am not surprised this it might be in postal hell.
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Go to Costco today and buy a new camera!
THEN the old one will show up!

Perhaps you should have a spare anyway
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I never mail anything from Canada. They need a good month to make sure you are not a terrorist. After 15,000 posts, I'm still not sure.
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