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Which new board for 08/09 season???

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Seeking advice on next ski purchase….

Here is the deal in short.

My K2’s were stolen last year & I picked up a pair of Atomic SL11’s in a size 140. Probably the best thing that ever happened to me because I absolutely fell in LOVE with the boards.

I am 5’2” 125lbs, advanced skier & National Ski Patrol in CT. I mostly ski in VT & will make it out West this year.

I love everything about my SL11’s, they are 103-63-92 with an 11 turning radius in a size 140, especially the fact that they turn on a dime. I like the short turning radius probably the best part of the ski, aside from the yellow & black graphics.

My question is this, I want a new pair for this coming 08/09 season & after surfing the Atomic site I found that the SL12PB comes in an 11 turning radius as well, in a size 150.

What are your recommendations for me. Lastly, I do NOT race at all.

What board should I have under my feet?

In summary,

5’2” 125lbs, advanced skier, glades, diamonds, love the short radius turns.

Thanks in advance……Hope to hear from you soon, I’m going to start shopping today.
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Tonn-Dogg, you need an answer here.

Question: are you keeping the ones you love, and getting a second pair, or just replacing? If replacing, why? Sounds like you're happy with the ones you have now, and you just got them. If not replacing, but adding to the quiver, consider the following. Even if replacing, consider the following.

Skis are like shoes, specific models are designed to perform best at specific functions. You like the short turns capabilities a small radius ski provides. That's cool. The question I would ask you, is as long as you have a ski of a particular variety (small radius, narrow under foot) that you really love, have you considered keeping them and making the second pair you buy a different type so that you can expand your enjoyment/experience options? Buying a second pair of the same type will give your 2 pairs of skis that provide the same capabilities,,, the same limitations,,, the same sensations.
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I have to echo what Rick says based upon my own experiences over the years. I've skiied Volkl skis for years and tend to gravitate to the same type of ski in their line (I currently have the PowerSwitch 10 ft). At one point I had 3 pairs of skis that were for all intents and purposes the same ski (although a different year / model).

Pretty stupid, huh? Over the last couple of years I've expanded my horizons a bit, and bought a couple of different skis (and brands!) that are designed for more all-around and off-piste skiing.

Give yourself more options!

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I own a pair of SL11's myself and like them a lot. Not so good off the groom though. What you might want to consider would be the Metron B5I in a 152 which would give you a 10 M radius I think. While it is not a race ski it still arcs with the best of them yet carries enough width under foot that it will easily go off groom and into softer snow well. This would be a good choice to take out west as well. Supposedly they are no longer making them for this year, but there should still some available if you look around. I could maybe help you find a pair of 152's if you were really interested.

Still the atomic feel and the endless short turns, but with way more all mountain versatility. The B5I is a lot of ski packed into a short stick.
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As was suggested to me by Aman in a PM, the atomic M11, if you could find one, would be another alternative for you. A friendlier detuned MB5.
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