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Colorado "Tapas Trip"....

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So called, because we want to try a little of everything, so we know what to come back for next year! We did it this last winter in Utah, and it worked out really well to stay in Salt Lake City and hit 3 or 4 different resorts (Snowbasin was our resort of choice, in case anyone's interested .

I'm looking for any recommendations for a good grouping of Colorado ski resorts that we could stay at a a central location and drive to, preferably no more than an hour and a half or so each way, although up to 2 hours would be ok, as long as it's not every day. This is our first trip to Colorado, and we're basically pretty straight "blue run" guys... I'd really like resorts that have plenty of blue, with some options for short blacks that weave in and out (for reference, places more like Snowbasin in Utah, and not like Snowbird).

We'd like to to hit at least 3 or 4 places, and I'm not sure if that would be doable driving from Denver every day or not, or if we'd be able to hit the best resorts for us. Any thoughts or recommendations for this group of Midwesterners would be much appreciated! Can't wait for this winter!
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No, you wouldn't want to do that staying in Denver, but it's a no-brainer from Frisco, Dillon, or Silverthorne. Even Breck to an extent, but it's a little farther. The other places are easily driveable to Copper, Keystone, Breck, ABasin, Vail ...
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+1 for Summit county...I just moved to Frisco and it is about 6 miles to Copper and 35 miles to Beaver Creek with Breckenridge, Keystone, A-Basin, Loveland & Vail inbetween. Mostly highway/freeway driving without a lot of winding roads (although you do have Vail pass on I-70W going to Vail & BC and Eisenhower tunnel on I-70E going to Loveland). Free bus service to Copper & Breck (with transfer service to Keystone & A-basin).

Staying in Silverthorne/Dillion puts you about 6 miles closer to Keystone, A-basin & Loveland but that much farther to the others. Reverse for staying in Copper (6 mi closer to Vail/BC but farther from the others). Here is a link to a map that shows all the CO resorts http://www.skireport.com/googlemap/?regionid=87

I have only skied Vail & Copper, but am pretty sure that all these resorts have plenty of blue terrain to entertain for at least a couple of days. FWIW, Copper's terrain is divided by geography, so it is unlikely to get lost in a blue section and find yourself on a black run you can't handle. Vail's famous back bowls are mostly single blacks, but I recall a couple of blues (and don't really think most of the blacks are all that tough depending on snow conditions). Lots of blues there in other areas of the mountain.
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Echo the Frisco endorsement. 60 minutes to Beaver Creek, 30 to Vail, 20 to Breckenridge, 15 to Copper, 20 to Keystone, 30 to A Basin.
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