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Packing Gear & Skiing

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Pete got me thinking about Ski Racing and other types of work on Skis. Until I started working the mountain packing gear or a Sit-Ski w/ a 150# man in it. I had no idea how much adjusting you had to do to stay upright. My favorite were 20 or so panels on each shoulder. How about you?
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PACKING gear and skiing

OK Slider, I probably shouldn't admit this publicly but ............

Working race at Homewood Ski resort (Tahoe) the race is over on the old Ski tahoe side and I sit in the old chair with a very large bundle of breakaways (too big to throw over my shoulder as I usually do) so I sat in the chair and crossed my lap with this big bundle and hung on to them.

Well I forgot the lst tower 12 feet away from loading ramp was really close to the chair on the right side.

So the tower caught the bundle on my right and flipped me and all the poles/pickup sticks into the air-forward and down splat onto the snow.

May have been one of my more hairbrained things I have ever done. Sort of embarrassing lying in the snow surrounded by plastic and wearing an instructors coat. OH WELL I laughed at myself and still do when I think of this.
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