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GOOD Race skis, cheap.

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Check these out. All real deal race skis, at real deal summer prices:

1. Atomic SG 209, 2004-5 year. Atomic Race 10-18 bindings. Hand picked out of the team pool. Very well maintained. Tuned only with stones. Ground twice. Lots left. Fast skis. Perfect condition. My son has a deal with another company, and hasn't skied them in two years. Skis run fast in all but the warmest conditions. $250.

2. Rossi DH 206. 2005-6 year. These skis aren't FIS compliant, or my daughter would never give them up. They have always run very fast. She's a Rossi athlete, and they were given to her. Come with plates but no bindings. Good structure, good edge. Great shape. $125.

3. Rossi 184 WC GS. 2007-8 year. Rossi WC plate and Axial 2 8-15 DIN bindings. Lightly used as a race pair by my daughter. Skied this pair at US Nationals. Perfect condition. Tuned for the most part by a tech. Ground when new, and that's it. $375.

4. Rossi 155 WC SL. 2007-8 year. Same plates and bindings as above. One of a couple of race pairs. Perfect. Light use, initial grind only. $375.

5. Rossi 181 WC GS. 2006-7 year. Plates, no bindings. These were a GREAT pair of race skis and they got thrashed in New Zealand last summer. They have been ground to bring them back. There may not be enough base to grind again. There is a fair amount of edge left, no dings or bends in the edge. Couple of small dings in the base. They should still ski very well. $85.

These skis have all be exceptionally well maintained. The speed skis have always run fast.

All of these skis are in Marblehead, MA. They can be picked up, we can arrange a pick-up, or we can ship to the US or Canada. If we combine pairs, shipping will be less {per pair}. I can figure shipping costs based on location. for sskis with bindings, we'll strip the bindings, and ship separately. Shipping skis with bindings mounted costs "a lot", as you probably know. I hestitate to quote a shipped rate as it will vary all over the place based on what, and where. I'm not looking to make a dime on shipping, nor do I want to lose money!

Thanks. PM me with questions or for more info. These skis really are race skis....not the usual "race stock" stuff.

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boy i'd really like those atomics. any idea how much shipping is to alaska? 99577
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I'll check on Monday, when I can actually get to FEDEX and the Post Office, and I'll then send you a PM. My guess is that it will be about $50, but well get an exact figure. OK? Thanks.
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DH bevel?

Muleski, what is the side and edge bevel of the DH and SG skis?
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Speed skis are 3 on the sidewalls, and 1 on the base.
Tech skis are 3 on the sidewalls, .5 on the bases.
Thanks for asking.
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daveh, just sent you a PM about the shipping.
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Rossi DH's are sold! Thanks ES!
All the rest still available.
Good fast skis and summer deals!

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Very interested in the Rossi 181's for $85 how much is shipping to 48329?

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Rossi 181's sold. Thanks Epic Ski and HB2ski!

The Rossi 184's, 155's and the Atomic SG's are still available.

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The other Nordies are gone? :/

also, what wax was last put into the nordies (dh's)?
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All of the Nordica speed skis that I had previously listed here and elesewhere are gone. May have some more in a couple of months or so, depending on what makes it way to us, and how they test and run.

Sent you a PM on the waxing, with some details. Holmenkol products in our house, though we also use a lot of Raceservice SBC1 on new brand new skis.


Originally Posted by Rise To The Top View Post
The other Nordies are gone? :/

also, what wax was last put into the nordies (dh's)?
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Let's close this thread. I'm going to post another, with more skis. My daughter is moving to another company, and we'll be selling all of her Rossi's. Very good, handpicked skis.
The Atomic SG's, to my surprise, are still for sale. Great SG's, and a pretty rock bottom price. I'll be reposting those as well.
Thanks for the interest!
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Great Seller!!!! Thanks for the Rossi WC X's
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