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When I first saw Charles Barkely swing a golf club in a commercial I thought it was a clever joke. OMG - it's for real! Even Tiger has gotten in on the act.
Technically, it's not even a swing. It's a lunge. Scientists study it. He gets to the top, starts down and then—two feet from impact—just stops! Totally freezes! He looks like a man waiting for a rattlesnake to pop up so he can kill it. It's the only swing in the world with an intermission. Me, I'd quit and take up the tuba. But not Barkley. He plays golf all the time.
If you have women and children in the room, please escort them out. The following videos are as disgusting as it gets
Sir Charles is an inspiration for millions of duffers the world over. No matter how bad you are, you still look better than he does.

Now he says Tiger and Hank are going to help him fix it. This is going to be good. Stay tuned.