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This Season's Heroes

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Once upon a time Olympic racers were our heroes, but it seems that the skiing public's adulation now goes out to the freeskiing superstars. What's the prediction for this SLC Olympic year? Will the national team re-emerge into our skiing consciousness? Or maybe it won't be the racers, but the freestylers like Evan Dybvig and Hannah Hardaway who capture everyones attention. Or the jumpers, remember Eddie the Eagle? I wonder how other countries view their national teams, I'll bet most American skiers can't name more than 1 or 2 team members.

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I'm new to skiing as of 2000-01 season and am definitely hooked for life. I watched a few races last season on OLN, but found myself changing the channel. I found ski racing interesting technically and the occassional racing highlight was ok, but I REALLY enjoyed watching freeskiing and snowboarding videos. I found them much more interesting for a variety of reasons - they highlighted different snow conditions and how to adapt to them, spotlighted different resorts so I have a sense of where I want to go in the future, etc. Visually, I found them much more diverse and exciting than ski racing. Finally, I think that I enjoyed them because I can relate to them. I never raced skis - we went through the gates a few times in a ski camp I took last year at Gore Mtn in NY, but that wouldn't even make the list of my top 50 highlights of skiing last year. Powder at Jackson Hole, meeting someone and skiing with them all day at Stevens Pass, sunshine at Squaw Valley, skiing in 8 inches of new snow on the closing day (Apr 28) at Mt Baker, etc. etc. stand far above running NASTAR gates. But that may simply be my bias. In motorsports, I find WRC rally racing infinitely more exciting and diverse than Formula 1/CART/NASCAR. Sport Touring Cars are interesting, perhaps because I can relate to the physics and the appearance of BMW 3-series and Acura Integras.

I've rented a few videos this fall to get psyched for winter. No race footage, though.
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