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Hart F17 mogul ski 168cm

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The ski: Hart F17 mogul ski, 168cm, 104-63-92

The skier: Advanced intermediate female, 5'10", 160 lb., likes varied terrain and skiing aggressively, but is weak : in moguls.

The terrain: Momentum's mogul camp on the Horstmann Glacier on Blackcomb Mountain at Whistler. Morning hardpack, then spring conditions with some blue glacier ice and corn snow. Well-maintained mogul course.

I decided to attend Momentum's camp to finally learn to ski moguls the right way. Living in PA, there aren't many good places to ski decent mogul fields, or to receive good mogul instruction. My all-mountain ski is the Line Celebrity, a 90mm-waisted twin tip that is fairly stiff and feels like planks in the bumps. I wanted something a little more suitable for my summer's exploits, and at the same time, learned of the Hart F17 from a friend on the Skidiva site. So, I decided to give them a whirl.

The F17 is a true mogul ski, and I am (still) not a true mogul skier. However, the F17 is more than a mogul ski, and I learned it has nicely filled in the gap in my quiver and has become a favorite of mine.


On the morning hardpack, as we warmed up by carving turns on the flat course, the F17's carved sweet turns with ease and loved making those short radius turns necessary for moving on to the bumps. Despite their narrow waist (I had never skied something this narrow before) they felt stable, yet lively. All I had to do was switch my lead leg and shift my weight, and the ski's edge initiated the turn smoothly just like a carving ski.

In the bumps, the F17 was light and nimble. It made absorption very easy, while supplying some nice energy at each turn. When I decided to hit the jumps at the bottom of the course, the F17 behaved like a park ski, providing nice pop at the kicker and a nice stable landing, which surprised me for its narrow-waistedness. Approaching the jump in the afternoons, while riding over slop, gravelly glacier ice, and chop, the skis tracked true and stable, inspiring lots of confidence to take air.

As the temperatures warmed and the snow softened, I thought I'd have trouble with my skinny Harts, but they didn't let me down. As long as I kept my feet together like a good mogul skier should, they plowed right through the mushiest stuff and the deepest troughs. For comparison, I pulled out my Line Celebrities, thinking their 90mm waist would give me an advantage in the mush, but I wanted right back on my Harts.

Although I've learned the technicalities of mogul skiing, I've got a lot more to learn. I was a little afraid of looking like a "poser" on these skis, because, after all, these are competition mogul skis, and there were some killer mogul skiers riding them up on the glacier. But, they are more than a mogul ski....they are like having a nice, light, nimble carver, freestyle ski, and bump ski rolled all into one.

With my stats, I probably could have skied the 175cm F17, but I was quite happy on the 168 and feel it is the right length that will allow me to progress. It also felt quite stable at speed on the icy stuff.

I'll be returning to Momentum's camp next year, and the Hart F17 will be the only ski I'll need up there. But, the F17's will also be carving turns and hitting the jumps on my home hill here in PA.

Twintip (left) shows off her Harts before riding the lift up to Horstmann Glacier:
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I can hardly wait to get on mine!!
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You bought a pair? Or were you just demo-ing?
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Originally Posted by SkiDork View Post
You bought a pair? Or were you just demo-ing?
Oh, baby, they are hers........all hers! :
See Quiver pic here
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Congrats. Did she rob a bank or something?

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Twintip, great review. I would also agree that the ski is more versitile than expected. Phil let me try a pair at Stowe and in the woods they performed very nicely. The snow was wet powder ?? and it was easy to bog down. They did great in conditions that would call for a 90 under foot. The flex is incredible. This narrow ski actually had float.

The F-17 has a broad range for east coast skiing, especially if you like bumps. In the east you will be skiing bumps unless you are in the woods. Still need to test them on firm conditions.

If I had a quiver that would be a ski to add.
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On firm conditions they performed very well with nice edge grip. The first day I was in BC, skiing down to our camp tent on the glacier, it was VERY firm, pretty icy. It was also my first time on the Harts. I started carving short turns on the cat-track down, and - WOW! did they like to turn! I thought to myself, "I'm in for a good time on these skis."
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I agree the F17 is indeed a versatile and lively gripper...serious horsepower in the bumps, but still civilized for hardpack arcs for fun and grins. A definitely fun ski with serious performance behind the price. Phil had several people on them this last season here at Sugarbush, and everyone I talked to was impressed. I guess that's a "case closed"...everyone likes the F17!....It seems the better the skier, the more they like the ski...but even the advanced-intermediates like the secure footing it gives and the rowdy turns it can put down on firm snow...now...can Phil get Hart to make enough of them for this winter?
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