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Bandit XX Bevels!

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Could anyone tell me what the standard edge bevels are for the current (soon to be no more) Bandit XX. Also, anybody tried anything different from the norm and liked it? Thanks.
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Rossignol comes from the factory with a 1° & 1° bevel. You can change it from there if you'd like. Go to www.lacyslatherworks.com and hit Bob's ski page. I have the bevel list there. if that file doesn't open, e-mail me from there and I'll send it to you. You might want to take a look at my was and tune article I wrote. if you have anything to add, e-mail me. I'll try to include it. My wife and I use an olde copy of Front page (ver. 4) which is not very compatible with our ISP usage. They use Apache. Front page is all we have and all we know.

My was article will print out but at 8-10 pages because it's double spaced. E-mail me and I can send it along which will print out at 3 1/2 pages.

BTW- XX... nice ski!
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Thanks for the info Bob and nice articles on the web page!
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