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Hey all,
doubt any of you guys missed me...but after a decent hiatus...i'm back [img]tongue.gif[/img] Talk about bad winter/spring. Season ended in about late march early april. Also had to sell almost all my ski gear due to school. Sad sad sad...but now that everything's paid for, i can save up for next season's gear [img]smile.gif[/img] How's everyone else doing?

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Welcome back. I think a few here are going stir crazy from not skiing, but, hey, not long until the start of next season.

So, what have you been up to?

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welcome back.... I was gone for a long time too.
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not long, fox? you in the southern hemisphere sometime soon? six months for me; it'll feel like sixTEEN. (and you haven't seen stir crazy till you've been here in july.)


Your seat's been saved. Welcome back.

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OK, here's the maths, and try to keep up...

I was last skiing in the great outdoors on 14th December, 2001. That's 146 days ago. I would hope to be making my first trip of next season to start skiing around 2nd December, 2002, which is 208 days away. I am 41% of the way towards my next trip. That also means within the next 4-6 weeks I will start booking my trips for next season, and once I start booking, that means it must be time to start thinking about buying gear for next season, and time to start my ski fitness routine, so, in other words, it's not long to go.

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Too bad about having to sell all of your gear. I am envious about school, however. Best years of my life were my college years, all 10 of them!! O.K. so that did include some postgraduate and professional work, but still great.


Since so many here have declared the season dead, I will agree and base my calculations accordingly. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

My calculation: we are packing up the Motorhome and parking it up at Bachelor for Memorial Day (last weekend in May). We are taking off the Friday before so looks like 4 full days of skiing late May. So, my season starts in just about 20 days. Whoopee!!! :

After that I think I will take a break, but I intend to ski about 2x month at Timberline (to supplement my water-skiing and wakeboarding), hopefully that will keep me in a bit better ski shape than just dry training and the water sliding.

Now, if I could just find the number of that guy I know at Timberline… free tickets….arghhhhhhh…..the bane of a messy desk.
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Mello boy,

Glad you are back. I've always liked your comments/perspectives.
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...203 days to go.

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