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Is this the movie that has a team competition at the end, with lots of people being "taken out" on the way to the bottom? I saw this in a bar about 1988.
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Yeah, I remember the 80's.. Greg Stump used to tear at his Mammoth Mohican Mane with rage every time the name Snowboard was worded.. : :
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Greetings All!

The snow has returned and the skis are being tuned in the garage. Nothing like a Greg Stump post to get things started for me. I used to watch the Stump boys tear up Pleasant Mountain (Shawnee Peak now, at least it was last time I was in Maine.) There was a huge (at the time, it was the early 80s remember) air beside the main lift to the top, and Greg and his brother (can't remember his name...must watch Time Waits for Snowman to find out) would pull RADICAL air in front of all to see. You could tell early that he would become a star!

Well, Alyeska opens this weekend. We had some promising snowfall early in October, but have been locked in an ugly high pressure, low cloud funk since. I will wait for a few more feet before heading off to the backcountry for some turns. (I avoid the lifts until after New Years, as the resort does not offer a better alternative till 100 inches plus base).

Any news on the 2001-2002 Bears Gathering? I will search and find out.
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I was just at the video store renting some old movies and i found Blizzard of Ahhs in the "previously viewed" section and bought it for $6.00! What a steal! Now I can watch it every day until the snow comes...
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So I just had the most amazing weekend up in Aspen.  I bought tickets to see the Out of Focus screening of Legend of Ahhh's.  

Not sure if the movie is complete or if this was a true screening and they want feedback.  I never really found out the answer to that.


My weekend was as such....

Checked into our B & B... as we were leaving a group walked up after and said..."checking in...last name Kennett"   I froze and told my husband... I think that is Scott Kennett!"  I am kind of a chicken...so my husband went over and asked if his name was Scott.  Sure enough it was.

He then introduced me to Robert Aguirre!  Holy Cow.   This Maltese Flamingo junkie was in heaven.  I brought along my MF VHS... which they were happy to sign.


We decided to go grab a bit to eat before the movie... got a $5 prime rib sandwich (OMG in Aspen) and ended up seeing them at dinner again.  After that it was off to the movie... in the lobby I met Lynne (who also signed my VHS)... and then Greg Stump (also signed) and then Scot Schmidt (I know he wasn't in MF...but he was happy to sign my copy anyway)  Then I snagged Geoff Stumps signature afterwards.    Missing was Hattrup and Plake, Wylie Coyote, Lee Lee and Chris the Hatchett man.


As for the movie... the first half I LOVED! (there was a brief intermission)  The 2nd half of the 2nd half kind of lost me.    I'll save my commentary for later, as I am not sure if this movie will continue to be edited.. or i don't know if anyone wants to read a review before they see it.   I heard that it was a different edit/movie than the showing a few months earlier... so we'll see.

Overall I loved it. I'd love to see it again to really give the 2nd half another chance.


Other "celebs" in the audience... Klaus Obermeyer,  John Oats,  Chris Davenport... and I think there were a few more.


After that we ended up back at the tavern where we had dinner... most of the Stump crew went to dinner... however Kennett and Aguirre both decided the tavern where we had dinner was more our style (Pitkin County Tavern for those of you familiar with it).  We all shared a table and I just sat back and took in the stories that those two had to share.  Geoff joined us later.  All the people I met and talked to were so cool...so down to earth.  It was so surreal.  However I felt like I had already known them from watching them ski in Stump movies.


It was all capped off when our B & B host gave us VIP tix to the World Cup event.  Nearly ran into L. Vonn in the VIP tent after she DNF on day 1.   Talk about super cool weekend!!


I'll be curious to see if the movie changes at all once it is released world wide.


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still not sure if this is the movie I saw

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Baja, I think you are referring to Hot Dog: The Movie also filmed at Squaw. That had the "Chinese Downhill" at the end where it went through the bar. 

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I think that is right Phil,   thanks.  Never too late!!!! 


I have seen Hot dog since I asked that question.  biggrin.gif

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actually, technology has improved in the last 10 years, info is even easier to get to



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Originally Posted by bajabill View Post

I think that is right Phil,   thanks.  Never too late!!!! 


I have seen Hot dog since I asked that question.  biggrin.gif

We watched it last week. We also see Robbie Huntoon often, he was the ski stunt double for Harkin Banks. 

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Selfie OG's!



BoA still oh so entertaining, and currently available on Amazon Prime.

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Legend of Aahhh's, the story behind the making of The Blizzard of Aahhh's is almost better than the movie its self.


It's available to rent here......



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In case you need a holiday gift for that special skier someone...




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