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Does Anyone Still Make Step-In Bindings? - Page 4

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Yes, I'm a mid 50's snowboarder from Australia and I use 2 old brands of step ins that haven't been mentioned anywhere on this forum. They are the "Flytrap" system on an old Avalanche snowboardand the "Device" system on an old Ride snowboard. I started snowboarding 20 years ago and I just do a few days at Perisher each season. My problem is that the soles of my boots are coming off and I'd like to know the best glue or method to fix them. Thanks

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In general, that should be a sign that it's time to get new gear. I have a pair of step in boots retired for just that reason. But, in theory, those boots could be repaired. I'm sure a shoe repair shop would love to take a crack at those boots, but you are probably one of those diehard DIY folks. So, with the caveat that I personally chose not to go this route and thus can't vouch for this stuff, The last time we had someone asking about a similar problem, I did some snooping and found this synthetic rubber adhesive that might do the trick. You might want to snoop around on that site. They have a lot of similar epoxy type stuff. The problem is that you want something strong and water repellent and flexible that won't get brittle in cold weather. We know there's a solution because they had to use some kind of glue in the original manufacture.

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Hi Rusty Thanks for the advice. I finally got hold of that glue in Oz and have successfully fixed the soles of the boots! I reckon they should be sweet for a few more seasons now.
Thanks again
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Let us know how they hold up in the snow.

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I realize I am bumping a crazy old thread, but are FLOWs the only option for a near step in now?  I still ride an old pair of K2 clickers, (the ones like the shimano SPD cleat type) and I wouldn't trade them for anything.  


Are there any true step in soft boat solutions out there?

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