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Do you eat lunch? If so when?

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I usually skip lunch and have a Cliff Bar or two on the lift.

I have a big breakfast (usually pancakes with real maple syrup). So I'm not hungry much before noon. Then starting around 11:30 things usually start thinning out a bit as people go in for lunch...so there's no way I'm stopping when there are shorter lines. By 2:00 I'm starting to think the day is nearly over and trying to calculate how many more runs I can get in before the lifts close.

When I'm skiing with friends it depends on the group.
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Right, the goal is to ski when the lines are shorter, leaving three options: Stop for lunch earlier than the crowd then ski while they're all eating; stop for lunch when the crowd comes back from lunch thus lengthening the lines; carry something with you to have on the lift or on the hill - hey, we're there to SKI, right?! And the lifts close sometime, so ski until they close - THEN eat, drink socialize.
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We usually opt for the early lunch, since we have less crowds in the lodge, get a discount for eating early and then enjoy shorter lift lines when we are done.
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This would have been my contribution to the "Things I hate" thread- stopping for lunch, period. Why waste time and fight crowds, is my feeling- I'd rather ski while the snow is fresh and the light is good, then maybe call it a day a little early and get a seat at the bar. Plus, I suffer from major food coma, a condition marked by an overwhelming urge to nap after every meal, so I can't eat a lot during the day; if I do my skiing pretty much goes to hell thereafter. I usually bring a candy bar or something to eat on the lift- last year I also got a box of that Gu stuff and thought that was pretty good, although not so good when it freezes. Bottom line, though: I'd rather ski than eat. And breathe, too, for that matter.
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When skiing with the family (wife and children)
we stop early (around noon) b/c the kids still
tire easily and, with the crowd coming in from 12.30 on to eat , I prefer to be finished well
before that.
If I'm alone, I don't stop. As you say, lunch
time is the best time to ski un-crowded slopes.
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Red Bull and candy bar of some type. Many glasses of water. Lunch lasts all of 5-10 minutes, whenever I get hungry.
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My normal day is start skiing when the lifts open at 9:00. I take a quick break around 11:00 when the morning crowd is peaking. I ski through lunchtime munching on whatever I drag up to the mountain. Around 1:45 to 2:00, when the post-lunch crowd is peaking, I take another quick break. I will take a lunch break if I'm skiing with a group and the skiing is not that great.
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I've been in the habit for years of filling various ziplock bags with each of the food groups and carry a liter or so of water that can be refilled if nec. With so many pockets in tech clothing these days, it's peice of cake (although that may not be solid enough).

Dice up each and put in a separate baggie - a kosher salami, apple or other hard fruit, cheese, a hard roll or crutons, some individually wrapped chocolate (the hershey dark almonds are great!), etc. Make your own menu, but don't stop skiing. There's plenty of time on the chair to nosh and it's rather healthy to eat little bits often.
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Lodge food is scary and expensive, not to mention the lines. So I like to go to the cooler in my truck which always holds some tasty treats, and some refreshing beverages !
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I'm from Idaho. What's a lift-line?
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Originally posted by Sitzmark:
I'm from Idaho. What's a lift-line?
Hah, that Sitz quite a kidder. I'm sure he forgot the sarcasm icon. Long lines here. Don't even bother.... [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Lunch at the top, whenever I draw hut duty, but preferably around 11.

[ September 04, 2002, 11:16 AM: Message edited by: Tanglefoot ]
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Usually hit the lodge either at 11:30 or 1:30. Never there for more than a half an hour, so we can ski right through when everyone is standing on line at the concession. The best are days when there's some sun, and Raul's is open, just kick back with a couple of Burritos and sit in the snow. No need to fight for a table! Of course my wife prefers going "inside" at the lodge.
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...between laps on the Aig. du midi Mac donalds just happens to be next to the bus stop on the way between Montenvers train and the Midi Telepheique
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When I skied the Aug. du Midi we stopped for lunch at the yurt that's about halfway down for French onion soup and such. It was a really neat little place. What a great day...
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Lunch, what's that?
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When do I eat lunch? In the summer.
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Usually ski 8:30AM until about 1:30 or so... Then go home & make lunch & have an arvo nap(or drink on the balcony in the sun [img]redface.gif[/img] )

Oh - no lift lines at 8:30 - private priority 9:30-11:30 or 12:30 - so no queues then ... by then most of the folks are stopping for lunch etc - & I just go where the crowds aren't - then pack it in when they return (or the snow craps out)
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my lunch is usually a greasy lodge burger and some fries washed down in record time by smuggled cans of off-brand cola all consumed under the presumption that I am in competition with every other skier and boarder to get the most use out of my lift ticket. It sucks skiing with family sometimes solely because they are incapable of eating a satisfying lunch in under ten minutes, let alone make the entire stop ten minutes.
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Originally posted by Karsten Hain:
...greasy lodge burger...off-brand cola...most use out of my lift ticket...incapable of eating a satisfying lunch in under ten minutes, let alone make the entire stop ten minutes.
Now thats a skier!
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On a Powder Day it's Red Bull, Power Bar, Water. As fast as I can consume all three and typically on the lift. On a lax sunday afternoon I'll hang out inside with the gang and do lunch. The beauty of the pass is that there typically isn't a significant monetary need to get every run you possible can in from 9:00 to 4:00.
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We are not amused at the return of this topic.
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Linguist, why not be an optomist and say that something you love about skiing is skiing through lunch and eating candy bars on the lifts?

For myself, it's usually a big breakfast and 4-5 energy bars on the lifts spread throughout the late morning/early afternoon with water out of the Camelback. Then, a huge dinner. I usually only stop for lunch when taking a lesson or skiing leisurely with the wife.
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i can't believe how many of you wimps eat lunch.
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Not everyone "eats" lunch, and neither is someone who takes lunch a "wimp". Liquid lunches can be just as nutritious, and a lot more enjoyable.

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This would have made a good poll....
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I love taking the motorhome up to the mountain. I eat great lunches and dinners and breakfasts, all with out lines and whenever I want. If I am at a mountain with night skiing I can take a few hours off during the peak rush and pick them up in the evening. I sleep in and still get first tracks. Now that’s livin!!!

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I feel so pampered. I eat my lunch EVERY ski day in a revolving restaurant.
I don't like eating on the tram, so I generally enjoy my soda, protein bar, and/or beef jerky on the chair lift as it revolves around the bullwheels....

.....this practice usually also ensures me of the finest scenery, best company, and ambience on the hill....
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Whats a lift ticket?

Ya, I'll stop for lunch a couple times a week, usually a brew. Can always find a little Pow, so I don't freak out about wasting time, man. I'm in there just looking for some tail and a brewski. I down 100oz of H20 during the day.

In fact, I'm in no rush for anything at the hill, no worries. Unless it's puker the night before, usually hit an empty quad around 10:00, do some trees or OB stuff till 2:00 or so, boots off, & head to Merlins, grab my stool and wait for ass to arrive. Kill 4 or 5 pints, wolf down a couple spicy chicken strips, cruise over to the Amsterdam for a few, do a casual on the hump to the cabin, crank up the tunes, Vodka/tonic, fire up the grill, toss some chicken or a steak on...tv, read, crash...

Wake up, do it all again...no worries & No rush. I eat whenever I'm hungry & have a little coin left after drinking...it's all good. :
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