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Almost done shopping....

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New ski friendly vehicle: check
New crud skis: check
New skis for NASTAR: on the way
Ski speedometer: check
New boots: check

Still need:
Reservations for New Years Vaca; Mt. Snow this year, it seems, is the group's consensus. So many places are already booked...nuts!

Now if I could buy some skills to really use all this stuff to its maximum that would be great(this is my disclaimer since I know peeps like good ole Samurai have way too much to say about everything)

Who else is shopping for the season to be?

Does help the days go by.
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Well, the 50% off sale did about $500 in damage, including Marmot Randonee gloves, 3 Oakley A-Frames, Rossi PX 12's (wide brakes), thermal activated footbeds etc. Then SAC has had too many too-good-to-miss deals ($39 Hestra's? - YES!), so there's a little over $1k this month.

My new Mythic Riders from Sierrasnowboard arrived last week and are now packed to fly to my buddies house at Whistler on Wednesday, so my quiver there is now 8K's, Mythic's and LP's.

July's always an expensive ski month.
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I know, I see the good deals and I just want to pick it all up....must have self control.......aaarrgghh
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Oh great, I'm not the only nut buying ski equipment when it's 95 degrees outside. This month I also fell victim of BC outlet deals and SAC, but I've done most of the shopping on my list: Powder skis w/dukes, ski rack, fleeces, and new gloves. Now I just need a good carver to complete my quiver and I'm set for the next season. Or so I say now
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No. Haven't really thought about shopping for next seasons gear. Went skiing twice this week though.
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Bought gear - went Hobieing and kayaking. Look forward to snow. Look even more forward to diving next weekend.
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Picked up a Cloudveil Zero G soft shell for half price. It had all ladies tags but it fit me great and the sewn in tags were all men's tags. The store had a dozen similar men's jackets with all ladies tags. They were displayed in the ladies closeout section. I told the clerk when I bought the jacket and he just looked at the mislabeling and said "I guess that's why it didn't sell". I don't think he even thought about moving the stock into the men's section!
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I think I will get some softer, lighter three buckle boots to replace my big, stiff, four buckle boots. I don't think I need so much boot and I have some extra money right now.
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I'm pretty good on gear.. with the exception of needing a new jacket or something. Last year I got some good new schoolish Oakley pants that sag really nice. Salomon has some cool looking gear out these days I might get to go along with them.

Then again, I could decide to go with function over form (a seriously overrated concept).. I've been wanting an excuse for a long time to buy something from Jagged Edge Mountain Gear.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
I think I will get some softer, lighter three buckle boots to replace my big, stiff, four buckle boots. I don't think I need so much boot and I have some extra money right now.
Edit: well, except for the Hammer bars.

What flavor Cliff bar then?
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I think you owe me a Clif Bar and IOU a BOX of Hammer Bars. What flavor ? (Assuming they come in different flavors. I've never seen a Hammer Bar.)
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I found out there's a problem buying new gear after the season is over and not being able to ski again until December. I got some new skis in June and now I have the absolute worst withdrawal of my life this summer, 'cause I got new sticks and I can't use 'em yet. I'm not in good enough shape to do the hike-up-ski-down thing any more.

I wanted a new car rack, but it ain't in the budget any more. I'm pondering refurbishing an old '70's vintage Barrecrafters rack and re-engineering it to fit a modern car. Gonna need to fabricate some brackets and re-locate the adjuster straps with new rivets.

So, for the first time in forever, it seems, I'll be able to hit the slopes with an entire outfit less than five years old, 'cept for my old reliable Scott grips.
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Buying the new gear tricks you into feeling like you're about to go skiing again, then you realize, Doh!! 4 more months.......
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