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Weather predictions for 03/04 winter

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Hey, does anyone know where I can get information on long range weather predictions for this coming winter in Canada?
I'm planning a ski trip for my classmates and can't decide between east or west.

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It's gonna rain while you're there. Trust me.

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Rain or not, go west. Easy decision.
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we're gonna have epic snow this winter. right.

it's all going to slough the topsoil and cause massive slides.

that's because our forests are not "healthy" according to Chief Forester Dubya Bush. they need fewer treest to be healthier. in fact, the precise number of trees required for optimal forest health can be determined only by calculating how much timber footage Maxxam, Plum Creek and Weyerhauser need to keep their top Officers fat and happy and enjoying astronomical salaries. so, because forest fires might cause a REDUCTION in available timber footage, they are bad.

Dubya said so.

what does this have to do with skiing?

I don't know. all I know is that our weather SUCKS right now and if anything else burns, I'm gonna die. of smoke inhalation. and frustration. and failure to support our POTUS.

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Jackson Hole will have the least snow and most rain in history. A sure bet.
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Haven't seen any long range forecasts for the PNW, but the weather pattern this summer was similar to last summer (hot and dry). If we get a repeat of last winter, it will be below average in Nov/Dec/Jan and the heavens will open up in Mar/Apr for some of the biggest dumps on record. I got in some of best skiing late last season when most people had already given up on the winter. Whistler had some phenomenal dumps in Mar/Apr last season.

Traditionally the PNW get lots of snow all winter long, but who knows what will happen this season. Too early to tell...
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i too was planning a trip with some friends in early december but in the northern california and Tahoe region. Didnt see this season snowfall but was there any good snow around mid december for last season?
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Last I read they were predicting a more neutral pattern for the PNW and an average snowfall. Anyone read the farmers almanac? Just curious what it has to say about the upcoming season.....
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Jeez. Gonzostrike, Is all the smoke getting in the way of MTB?
You sound bitter.
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I'd say take into account some other factors before deciding where to go.

Where you live (travel cost)
How expensive the tickets/food/accomodations are
the vertical rise

Anyway, this winter is supposed to be a typical la nina winter, which at least for the NE US means avg. temps and above avg. snowfall. Accuweather.com runs a winter projection as does NOAA, but that's just US stuff for the most part. NOAA especially puts out maps predicting next 1, 3, 6 whatever you want months and gives areas of the US above/below avg. precip, and above/below avg. temp.

However, Weather is notoriously upredictable. A couple years ago I had a vacation booked and we had horrible conditions the few weeks before. Really warm etc. I was bummed. Then, the night before I got there we got dumped on like a foot and a half of powder (pretty good for eastern US, there was already a good base, it just wasn't going to be good snow.) The skiing was good.
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I would just go where you like, don't worry about the weather. From Ontario, New England is an easy drive but going out west you'd be flying, so money/logistics is probably more of an issue to you than the weather..
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Regarding the "weird science" of weather prediction:
The last I read, it was estimated that there is a 50-50 chance of a mild La Nina developing this season. If so, it should mean "average to better than average" precipitation this season in the PNW/BC area. If no La Nina, then "average" precipitaion is predicted. There is a site that has the precipitaion info in the USA, on a state by state basis recorded over some decades or so. You can use that to help determine what "average" and "better than average"is. From most accounts, long range weather predicting is still weird science. It might work as well just to think kind thoughts about Ull (Ullr, Uller Oller its all the same guy). [img]smile.gif[/img]
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And while your at it can anyone tell me where the stock market is going to be trading in 12 months?
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That's easy for someone of my level of intelligence and foresight. After years of study, I believe I can give you my forecast for the stock market over the next 12 months.
I guarantee you that it will go up.
Or perhaps it will go down.
Failing that it will stay where it is.
In summary, all three of the above may well occur.
My advice?
Invest your money wisely, and invest your time in your friends and family.

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Thanks Fox, I'll call my broker first thing Monday morning and tell him to BUY!.....NO,SELL!......NO,BUY!........NO,SELL!
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Fastman, you should hold on to some as well.
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Fastman, everytime you put money in, the market will go down. Count on it.
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Here is the National Weather Service Outlook for the next 13 months. Wow : I wonder if it is accurate? Time will tell.

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Milesb, are you saying I'm a LEADING ECONOMIC INDICATOR? :
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No, that principle applies to every person who puts money in. At least, I hope I'm not the only one who experiences this!
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You can try this link OR you can throw darts at a board. My feeling is that we'll have an early and good season in Banff. I did accurately predict that last season would be a long time coming and generally suck. That was after the very early Sept snows though. Little more out on a limb on this one. environment canada seasonal forecasts
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Weather here in the East seems to follow 3 year trends. 3 good years followed by 3 not so good or lousy years. Last year was a GOOD year, the first in a 2-3 years.

I think, considering the lousey, cold, wet summer we had that this winter will outdo last winter here in the East (mid Atlantic). But that's just my prediction (read *hopes*).
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Originally posted by chuck:
Here is the National Weather Service Outlook for the next 13 months.
So, if I read this right, the best chance of above average precip for Christmas break means a ski trip to Arkansas.... :
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