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Bowflex Dumbbells

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I was thinking about purchasing the Bowflex dumbbell weight set. I have seen it for about $400. Does anyone have this and what has been your impression. Thanks.
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Sounds like a lot of money for a set of weights.
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:So bowflex is finally giving in to the free weight side?
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i pay 10 /month at planet fitness..400 for dumbbell kind of makes you a dumbbell (sorry)
or 2 bags of 40#watersofter salt at home depot 10.00
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Winter, I have a set. They work really great. Fast and easy to adjust. The stand is nice too for ease of use and dialing the right weight. Other than the price I think they are excellent. My wife bought them for me at a local shop and paid about 385 so 400 is not bad. Less than a pair of ski's. It is summer-darn.
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Originally Posted by Winter View Post
I was thinking about purchasing the Bowflex dumbbell weight set. I have seen it for about $400. Does anyone have this and what has been your impression. Thanks.
COSTCO has/had them for a while. Might have cleared the last few out around $300, but I don't recall for sure. My wife has an adjustable set of dumbells that are 25lbs each. Frankly, they are a little awkward -both making sure the plates are locked in properly and overall feel. The plates "clickety clack" during use which also distracts me, but the Nautillus/Bowflex are probably better engineered. (I've only picked the Bowflexes up in the store and played with the adjustments, but never actually worked out with them.) Powerblocks is another adjustable system, but the rectangular shape is also kind of awkward.

I have a triple-level rack of fixed weight dumbells (2.5lb-50lb pairs) and find it easier and less awkward to pick up the fixed weights. Considering the stand that comes with the COSTCO version (a forward facing V-shape that put the wieghts at thigh level), the amount of space taken up by the Bowflex adjustables is close to that of a triple level standard rack. Stored on the floor in their flat racks witout the stand, they would only take up a little more than 12"-16" of floor space.

Like skis, probably best to demo, or make sure you can return the adjustables if they aren't comfortable for you. Ultimately, you might find you'll get more utility for your money by joining a gym. Hard to balance dumbells on your feet for working on the ski legs.
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$400.00 for dumbells?
Pull up bar $150
Gymnastic rings $75.00
Olympic bar/bumper plates $400-$500.00
All of which can be found used on Craigs or ebay.
add a C2 rower and you have all you need for elite fitness.
Dumbells are useful ,but low on the list of priorities.
Your hard earned dollar can be better spent.
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Costco has had them. I own them. They work great. They range 5-52.5 lbs. for the Selectech 552. Easily adjustable. I have had them for a few (maybe 4 or 5) years now. They have been trouble free and are very convenient.
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Thanks for the helpful replies. If dumbbells cost more than $1.5/pound (this at a Sports Authority) and I wanted a pair of 40 and 50 pound weights the price starts to add up. Here you would pay a little more and get the convenience of a whole set of weights. I do belong to a gym but am considering not renewing my membership. Membership is $400/year.
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