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Just moved to Summit CO (Frisco) and am looking for equipment recommendations for getting into a season long masters race program (mainly as a method to improve my overall skiing). Did a search and found some good info in Race Ski Equipment for a First Timer and Ski recomendation for beginning racer but am posting to get more info for my exact situation.

ME: 6' 3'' 190 lbs, 41 y.o. above average fitness/athlete. 60 days free skiing last year and expect to make it out about 3 days per week this year. Previously averaged about 20 days/year as teenager and less as an adult. Haven't run a gate in 20 years and consider myself a much stronger soft snow & off piste skier than hard snow skier (where I can't really hold a good edge currently). No serious instruction in a long time, so hopefully that will change this year.

Started last year on 185 cm Solomon Scream Hot 10P (110-75-100) and ended on 186 Fischer Atua/Misfit (129-96-119). I handle both of these skis easily, but don't imagine that I want to use them to run gates and can't carve them on hard snow/ice. Didn't demo any race skis, but found 179 K2 PEs and 184 cm Dynastar Mythic Riders to be on the stiff side so imagine that I don't want to go super stiff with a race ski at this point.

Current boots are Solomon X-wave 8 Free (90 flex) that fit comfortably, but not as snug in the ankle as I would like.

Recommendations for well rounded masters race programs and equipment deals here in Summit are appreciated as well.