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Winter Park, CO

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First I want to start off saying everyone who helped with my other post "thanks". I am really learning alot.

I have been asked to see what is it like in Winter Park, Co in early April (first week in April). Aslo, I've been reading alot about the better places for beginner skiers how is Winter Park for beginners?

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I think WP is a great place to learn. My sisters and I learned to ski there, my wife and my kids learned there, and the mountain continues to be improved. Not my favorite place to ski, but one that always brings good memories.
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The first week of April, the snow can be anything from firm to powder to groomed corduroy to slush, often on the same day. In general, we're not as crowded after Spring Break (usually in March). Temps are MUCH warmer than in January or February. The Discovery Park area at Winter Park is one of the best beginner areas in the state (one of the reasons I teach there).
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+1 ....... What Lenny said.

disclaimer: I teach there too.
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+1 for Winter Park for learning to ski. I learned to ski at Winter Park as an adult many a year ago (it was in early April trip for me as well), and the ski school there was fantastic.

One thing I like about Winter Park for beginners is you can ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom. This is true at some, but not all, resorts. At any time of the year, this is a nice-to-have. In April, it becomes more important as you can ski the upper half of the mountain and avoid some of the heavy slush at the bottom half if the weather turns warm. The only complaint I have is you will run into some traverses when moving around the mountain.

Based on my limited experience, Winter Park is uncrowded if you avoid the weekends. The lift lines are short or non-existent, and the slopes are not too crowded. There isn't a lot of night life, but if you are like me you are going for the skiing and this is a non-issue.
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