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Atomic Race Tech CS 90

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Hi guys,

I would like to ask you a few questions on Atomic's Race Tech CS 90 boots.

The CS 90 is marketed as a jr. boot. The differences between the 90 and the other CS boots (110, 130 and 140) are: no Power Control device (the cuff is not bolted to the shell), different buckles, narrower power strap and different canting device.
This is what i need to know: other than the differences mentioned above, is there any other difference between the 90 and the 110/130/140?
If the lower is the same shape as the 110/130/140 and the liner is the same i would get it because i can bolt the cuff to the shell easily and it would be just like the stiffer models.

What do you think?

Thank you vey much.
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the shell material is different on the 90 and 110 to the 130/140 the 90 and 110 use PU Ester material where as the 130/140 use a PU Ether
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I assume that PU Ester is softer and more forgiving than PU Ether. If that is correct, do you think that i should expect some differences in performance between the PU Ether and PU Ester boots? If the difference is subtle i would get them. If the difference is big i will pass. I am no racer. I know that it would be best if i tried both boots on snow. Unfortunately, that is not possible.
If the 90 is soft ( i weigh 150 lbs and like soft boots), i can easily bolt the cuff to the shell and it would be pretty much like the 110.

Thank you again.
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I don't sell Atomic boots, but in general the difference between many manufacturers 90 race boot and their stiffer boots is not only softer plastic that makes for a softer flex, but as the 90 is often considered a jr boot there can be liner quality differences.

Impossible to say whether the boot will work for you or not. 90 flex boots are fairly soft and locking the upper to the lower does not always make a large difference as the material is so soft.

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sorry not be around for a few days, lou has said pretty much exactly what i would, the Atomic's, although in theory their 90 should be the same as anyone elses 90 [or at least close] do appear quite soft, i had a 140lb girl in a pair of 110 yesterday and she was bending it really easily [ok it is warm here right now] she would have flattened the 90 flex

the liner on the 90 is the team sport and on the 110 it is team sport +,
the 90 also has the "junior / womens " lower cut cuff as on the CSL 110
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CEM What are the reasons for using PU Ester/Ether and what are the differences?
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Ester is cheaper, lacks feel/feedback, and doesn't retain punches as well.

If it was my purchase, I wouldn't save a few bucks to end up in a shell that had no cuff adjustment, a low cuff, and was made out of price-point plastic. That's no deal....
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the simple answer being elasticity on the ester and feel and responiveness on the Ether [and the ability for the boot to be constructed to be more temeprature stable]

i'm sure you will give us a full breakdown of the deeper whys and were fors in due course
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Thanks for your replies. I did not get the boots.
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Nice. Now what?

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Now i will get a different boot. And i know what boot to get.
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