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April snow vacation

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I was referred from another travel board and I hope you can help!!!

Trying to plan a snow/ski trip in April 2010 and I am really not sure where to find the best snow in April.

We will have 6 or 7 couples with about 5 kids all under 6 years old.

Only one couple has skiing experiences everyone else will be trying it for the first time.

We are interested in Wyoming, Utah, Tenn, Vermont, Penn but we know it might be hard being the trip is in April, due to the kids school schedules.

Any suggestions on where to go would be great. Even if it's not one i've listed. Thanks!
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2010 is pretty far out, you are an advance planner! Remember, some resorts will have a predetermined closure by mid-April, even in Western US. Good and convenient bets for skiing through the entire month are the ski areas around Salt Lake City Utah and Summit County Colorado. Skiing anywhere in the Eastern US in April will be marginal (Vermont, Quebec) to nonexistant (PA, TN) unless you are very lucky.
There are many old threads on the subject of early/late season skiing if you search for April Skiing. Here are a couple:
I should add that when you are fortunate to get reasonably good ski conditions in late spring it can be a great time for a family ski trip due to lower crowds, lower costs and mild weather.
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I am starting early b/c being we have to do in it April b/c of the kids school schedule we aren't sure on where to go and to be able to find a place to ski and a place to ski I figured starting early was the best idea.

Thanks for the threads...going look now.
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There's skiing in Tennessee?

But to answer the question, I agree with Jamesj and would add California (Tahoe/Mammoth) and if you're not tied to the US, BC or Alberta in Canada to your list.

The lower crowds of April make it far less necessary to plan way in advance. The most important factors will be finding places with decent probability of good snow at that time of the season and depending how late in April you're talking, those resorts that will still be open.
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Good point re how late in April you're talking. After April 15 or so even most colorado areas and Utah cottonwood canyon places(except for Snowbird) are closed. Whistler and Sunshine village stay open late. Not sure I would put Penn and Tenn in same category as the rest.
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The week we are looking for is the first full week in April. The kids will be out for Easter/Spring break.

The only reason i'm starting early is to find a place with snow to ski in April. and of course getting all the couples in agreement!!!!

The only 2 people we really know of is Jackson Hole and Park City. We just didn't know if there would be snow to ski for spring break in April.

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In an "average" snow year I would look at Summit County Colorado (Breckenridge, Copper, Vail etc...) given the prospective make up of your group. Utah is likely to be very good in the cottonwood canyons 1st week of April, but Park City is at a lower elevation and more iffy.

I've been in Summit County the last three seasons in the 1st week of April and conditions have been good 06 and 07 to great this past April.
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Originally Posted by meganb View Post

The only 2 people we really know of is Jackson Hole and Park City. We just didn't know if there would be snow to ski for spring break in April.
Both Jackson and Park city are kind of low for April, especially for beginners, since you'll be mostly at the bottom. Alta or Solitude in Utah would would have much better snow than Park City. But neither has much nightlife or shopping.

I think Snowmass would be perfect for your group. Good snow, lots of easy runs and Aspen nightlife is only a few miles away. Plus beginners can ride the gondola down if the bottom is slushy.
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I've given more than my 2 cents worth in the threads Jamesj referenced.

I agree Aspen/Snowmass would be good for a big group of families like meganb has. Jackson would be an exceptionally poor choice and Park City would likely be good for terrain but sloppy for snow.
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I'm going to be in Park City first week of April this year. How is it usually that time of year? OK at top, slushy at bottom? Just wondering what to expect. Never been that late, but have no choice on spring break with kids.
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Colorado or Canada are the surest bets.
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Coverage for Park City areas first week of April is usually fine over the whole mountain and they groom like crazy. Its only 45 min to BCC and LCC if you need higher elevations.
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