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JS vs. Jonathan Shefftz

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Perhaps I am making an incorrect assumption about an incorrect assumption (so please correct me if I'm wrong), but here is my perception of the situation.

A recent post by my initialsake JS described himself as a,
"Level 3 PSIA, Level 2 USSCA Race Coach, and a medical professional"
Substitute 2 for the 3, and economics for medical, and you get me.
Anyway, JS very strongly criticized Suzanne Nottingham, and did not directly criticize Lisamarie, although I suppose criticizing Suzanne Nottingham could be construed as indirectly criticizing Lisamarie.
Then Lisamarie responds with a clarification of her original post, but adds a rather odd insult of "if you are a hotshot medical professional." I really do not understand the need to mock someone's straightforward statement of his occupational background.

Then we have:
"BTW, simply changing your user name does not make you less of the arrogant, condescending moron then you have been in the past. You might be a bit more creative though. Simply using the initials of your real name is, duh, a bit obvious, don't you think?"

Now maybe Lisamarie has in mind someone other than myself whose initials are JS - if so, please correct me, and don't bother reading the rest of this (which I will promptly delete). But if that paragraph is directed toward me, then:

1. Whoever this JS may be, he is not Jonathan Shefftz.
2. I suppose that arrogance and condescension are somewhat subjective, but what posts of mine in the past have been moronic?
3. If the reference is to the thread on public finance issues at skilovers.com, then I invite anyone to contrast the insults excerpted above (not to mention from the debate w/ SCSA) with my (moronic?) posts: http://www.skilovers.com/dcforum/psl/2029.html
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I was trying to think of a JS, but Jonathan's name never came to mind because he is (you are) about the least moronic and condescending person here.

If Lisamarie was referring to you, she owes you a beer (no. A case of beer) and a deep, sincere apology. Otherwise, she may begin to be called same.

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Hey JS, errr Jonathan:

Did you ever find any info in your techie manuals on straightening out skis?

BTW, I just read the post over at skilover. "Cigarettes and cheese burgers", pretty funny stuff. LisaM is spewing like MPK. I look forward to round 2.<FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by Herman (edited July 10, 2001).]</FONT>
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Jonathan, at the risk of omitting someone, I find you, Betaracer, AC, AJ, and several others to be respectful, informed, and coherent. In fact, in the past I have looked for and acted upon your equipment and technique advice, and I ski better because of it. Don't be discouraged by an occasional display of bad manners.
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I consider both Lisamarie and Jonathan Shefftz to be highly valued long-time contributors to these forums. C'mon, let's please clear this up quickly and move on!

TJazz: What? You don't consider ME to be (respectful, informed and) COHERENT, too? What about XSCHUSS? What could be more coherent than that? (Well OK, I see your point!) By the way, I like playing jazz on a Telecaster. Does that relate to your UserName?

BE the skis!
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I was just cruising by. What the... is going on?? I'll contact you offline.

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Are you feeling paranoid? The post was not about you. After the skilovers incident how could I not know you are an economist? So I would appreciate it if you remove this thread, as you have promised. I will remove my comments about whoever it was being moronic.

But just a thought for those of you who choose to pass judgement on my response. As I've said before, if you want to flame someone, don't expect them to sit back and take it. It is the original flamer who had the bad manners, not the person who responded.

Anyone who represents themselves as being part of PSIA and insults a ski student by taking what they said way out of context does the organization a big disservice.<FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by Lisamarie (edited July 10, 2001).]</FONT>
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No, I'm not feeling paranoid, but when I read a message from "JS" who starts by describing himself as: "a Level 3 PSIA, Level 2 USSCA Race Coach," I start to think that this sounds quite a bit like me.
And when a response states:
"BTW, simply changing your user name does not make you less of the arrogant, condescending moron then you have been in the past. You might be a bit more creative though. Simply using the initials of your real name is, duh, a bit obvious, don't you think?"
...I can't think of any other posters here with the initials JS, and nobody else has yet to cite any posters with the initials JS, so, caveats fully noted, it sounds directed at me. So at whom was it directed?

I am also confused about this statement:
"It is the original flamer who had the bad manners, not the person who responded."
Whoever "JS" may be, although he described Suzanne Nottingham as "full of crap," but I do not see how his post constitutes a flame. By contrast, calling anyone (whether "JS", Jonathan Shefftz, or someone else) an "arrogant, condescending moron" is definitely a flame.
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In defense of Mr. Shefftz. When I read the other thread, the only JS I could think of was Jonathan Shefftz and thought that was who you were referring to.
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Herman, sorry for the delay, I finally got around to checking out that manual, and unfortunately nothing on ski straightening. I do remember that it was discussed at the workshop though. I think their shop had constructed some sort of setup that made it easy to apply leverage to the ski and straighten it.
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Lisa Marie,

First, I appreciate your posts. But if someone flings an arrow, I don't think flinging an arrow, let alone a flaming one, in response could be construed as polite. I suppose some might think it was warranted, but I would appreciate the dignity of one used more discretion by not responding in kind.

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Looks like the confusion has been cleared up (Lisamarie was not referring to Jonathan).

Furthermore, let's drop the "arrogant, condescending moron" type comments altogether. I didn't see the original exchange and do not know what prompted it; but as I've said before, let me know what is going on rather than the vigilante approach.

Regarding this comment:
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>...if you want to flame someone, don't expect them to sit back and take it. It is the original flamer who had the bad manners, not the person who responded.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If you get inappropriately flamed, let me know -- don't retaliate with a flame (a correction of false statements would, however, be appropriate). If you want to avenge your own flames, you may do so at any of these other fine ski discussion resources: RSA (rec.skiing.alpine newsgroup), Powder, Freeze.
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I don't think the confusion has been cleared up. If someone can find a previous poster with the initials JS who deserves to be called an "arrogant, condescending moron," then I'll be reassured the reference was not to me. (And then whoever that person is can defend himself, unless he of course really is some combination of arrogant, condescending, and moronic.) Meanwhile, we have yet to hear again from the "JS" whose post prompted all this.

AC, for the original exchange, see the first two posts at: http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001758.html
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Just an interesting observation. You guys are in flame wars every day. I've given up fighting with SCSA a long time ago, but if you look over in Technique, all the boys are still going at it. And what about that music thread? I thought World War 3 was going to happen.
But when a guy makes a snide comeback, its "Right On Brother, You Tell Him!" When, who is rarely in a flame war with anyone simply stands up for herself, everybody starts whining about how offensive her comments are.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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For the record, I have never referred to any of your comments as "offensive." But I do believe that "arrogant, condescending moron" is not an appropriate reference coming from anyone of either gender. Also, I would appreciate if you would reveal (either here or backchannel) what person (moronic or otherwise) with the initials JS you suspected was attempting to conceal his identity with the screen name "JS".
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Guys, you don't want to go there. Trust me.
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I say let it go. AC has the ability to look up who everyone is and had deemed it not necessary. yet. as far as I can tell. He has asked us to cool it so lets move on.

Just my thoughts.

By the way LM good to know you made it home ok. Hope it was a good flight.
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I don't care to know from AC who the poster "JS" is, but if the insulting reference really was indeed not intended for Jonathan Shefftz, then for what other poster with the initials JS was it indended?
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I agree with Jonathan, and the second post of this topic states a solution.
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