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Full Tilt Flex

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so i was wondering if there is an easy comparison between the full tilt tongues and like a 120 flex boots... i am curious as too where the full tilt orange tongue(9 flex) would compare to other boots like a 120 flex.
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9 flex is about a 120ish, but the FT have a very different feel to them. The start of the flex is VERY soft and they ramp up to have a very bottomless less (feels like a really nice DH bike fork) a lot less on/off then other boots. if you like it great, if you don't it feels kind of unresponsive.

also the foot shape on that boot is not for all feet, low volume everywhere
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thanks for the help, also do you know how a 8 flex would compare, and what about a 6, thanks so much
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each are about 20% less
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ok thanks a lot
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