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WV BearFungus Ride

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Riding solo again. These are some shots I took earlier today.

After all the rain, some unusual fungus has sprouted.

Mrs. Zoo's uncle pocketed some of the weirder looking edible fungi, before I could get a photo.


Bigger Bear...

Bike, Bear, and deer tracks.

All right Mr. Bear, quit pushing these saplings over on the trail!!!

I tried to warn him about eating those strange fungi.

Mountain Laurel

Bushwacker in WV?

Got to be sneaky to get a shot of the Beavers.

Toby was here. Toby SUX!

Another ride coming to a close.

Thought I'd throw this one in. From the back deck.
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Thanks for sharing!
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fast finger!!!

Nice TR, I would totally ride in WV with you if I wasnt in Utah, I miss REAL dirt!!!
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