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I Actually Got In TO College...near MOUNTAINS

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Got in to:

University of Denver
University of Puget SOund
Willamette University
Hobart and William Smith College

Has anyone attended any of these schools? I know a made a post similar to this a while back...but I forget what the post said [img]smile.gif[/img] ANyway...r there any alumni here? Anyone who skis around these schools? I'm leaning toward Puget SOund right now, but got mre $$ to Willamette? What's Salem like? WHat about Denver? Hobart is in NY, so that's a last resort [img]smile.gif[/img] Looking at a Business degree...maybe...Speak to me.
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Congrats and 73 kb1dqh, that's FB indeed.

Well Hobart and William Smith is out, unless you feel like skiing places like Greek Peak - fond memories of the one place I ever skied with my then-yet-to-become-future, now-past ex-wife. Kinda explains Lisamarie now

(14th Anniversary tomorrow, now I'm in trouble bigtime)

Seriously, there are some other areas to the west I think, or over & down to the Catskills. But nothing like what you'd get out west, or for that matter nothing like what you've got now in Maine.

But wow! Choice of Pacific Northwest or Rockies pow - awesome :

Guess it's up to which kind of powder you like. Oh yeah, better check their academic programs too [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Great Job -- Congrats!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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..sounds like you haven't been up/over to
the Loaf lately MarkXS!! It's still great
gang(if anyone's listenin')
Hey Hobart is NE of the Albany area..just
a hop, skip & jump from Vermont...IMO...you can catch Vermont on a day off from a trip
back to Maine. Take your young ski legs and
see some more of the country. You can get
your brain into the subject(s) that turn you
on simply with good teachers...a chair, desk, bed...and good lighting, but you can't experience the other parts (the West!) of the country without going!
Head Westward.. to some steep & deeper_than_8"stuff.
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That'll do nicely.
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The only college on your list I'm familiar with is Willamette. That is a great college and not an easy one to get into. In Oregon it is where you go if you want to get into politics. Congradulations on being accepted there.

The closest skiing is Hoodoo Ski Area - www.hoodoo.com - which is around 2 hours away. Hoodoo is known for getting wet snow but what it gets is way better than what you get back east. It does have some challenging terrain. You are also around 3 hours away from Mt. Bachelor and various ski areas at Mt. Hood. Mt. Bachelor is great because of the quality, quantity and longevity of the snow it gets.
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congrats dude!! make sure you make the most of college. best four years of your life!!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by orangerabbit:
best four years of your life!!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Sure was, especially winter term. That why I did the 4 in 6.
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First off, congratulations!
FWIW, college is a great time to see another part of the country. And it's a great way to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest.
Both Williamette and University of Puget Sound have real strong regional reputations as smaller liberal arts schools where you can get a good education and hopefully not get lost. Because there are so few private liberal arts colleges in the West (as compared to the East), the ones out here tend to draw pretty well prepared local students--in other words, they are surprisingly hard to get into, even though they may not be as well known back in Maine.
You can't go wrong. Make the most of it!
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I forgot to mention the nice fly hatches and
pristine trout streams in the rocky mountains...with rainbows and browns!...
and big drops.....(if you ever get into ww kayaking)
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Nice going - you must be a smart kid! I think they're all good choices, but ...

University of Denver - Major league ski team.
University of Puget Sound - ???
Willamette University - ???
Hobart and William Smith College - Possibly the best academics, at least as perceived by the 'East Coast business community'(?)

I went to Middlebury College (Vermont) in the late '60's. Skied my butt off (3 or 4 afternoons per week for 4 years)! I'd been one of the top 5 skiers in my (suburban Boston) high school - I bet I didn't even crack the top 200 at Middlebury!
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Thx. for all the good info so far! Right now I'm very close to either Willamette or Univ. of Denver. Hobart looks like a sweet school...but no better than Willamette and it's on the east coast.

Tominator- Yeah, I'm one of better skiers at my school outside of portland, but at a school like DU I'de prob be #1000.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tominator:

I went to Middlebury College (Vermont) in the late '60's. Skied my butt off (3 or 4 afternoons per week for 4 years)! I'd been one of the top 5 skiers in my (suburban Boston) high school - I bet I didn't even crack the top 200 at Middlebury!

I went to Univ of Colorado at the same time. Remember Billy Kidd and Jim Heuga? And all the rest of them. I was also in the top 5 in my Colorado high school and president of the Ski Club but... I skied my butt off and had a great time.


Why no Utah schools in your list? My one regret from college was not doing it in Utah. Are you going to school to get the degree or (like tominator and I) to ski....and get the degree (while staying out of Vietnam). If you arrange your schedule so you can fit in a day or two during the week then DU is the better choice. Several major areas within a two hour drive. You could drop any of the Oregon areas into Winter Park/Mary Jane with lots of room to spare. And you'll get blue sky and sunshine 12 months a year instead of the five months of drip Oregon has west of the Cascades. Skiing Bachelor is an option (the only viable one for me) but you will have a 150 mile drive each way on mostly two lane road.

The snowpack in the PNW is impressive. It's nice to have 140" base at Bachelor to last us well into June or July while the Colorado areas are closing down. But, unless you get to the east side of the Cascades you'll need to add a good raincoat or trashbags (cut out arm and head holes) to your skiing wardrobe.

My random collection of thoughts.
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I live in Seattle. Unfortunately I don't know much about UPS or Willamette, but I do know that UPS has a reputation for having a great school of education and Willamette has a good regional reputation for their law program.

Good luck and I think you'll enjoy any of your choices.
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Rocky's will definately have the best snow. Little wet West of the Cascades but both Willamette and UPS are close enough to some areas to get plenty of non-rain skiing in. I haven't hit rain at Crystal at all this year but I did avoid a couple of days. Snoqualmie area's a little lower. Plenty of challenge for you though. Personally, I'm addicted to the Sound for many reasons. I'm a quarter century out of SoCal. Good luck. I don't think you can go wrong.
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