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Ski Dream

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Hmm. This one has me wondering.

I am in a bus, sitting next to a woman, we're traveling along when I look out to the left and see Chugach-type terrain. All white and steep beyond steep. It looks absolutely vertical. THEN I notice a skier. He has fallen and self-arrested not long after beginning his descent. His skis are attached but above him. (He is in the reverse position of where he'd like to be, given his situation.) My thought is that this guy is in serious trouble and will have a very long tumble ahead unless he manages to correct the problem, and I am left wondering what might become of him, as the bus continues on and the skier goes out of view.

That is all. I don't think I like this dream all that much.
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You are the skier and the women is the mountain. Go on, take a chance and say hello before the 'mountain is out of view. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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My interpretation:

You're a mental ski freak like most of us. Sorry.

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That wasn't a dream it was me
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Have another toke and when you dream tonight, stay on the bus for another trip 'round.... :
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